Sunday night rollover

January 15, 2008 at 4:55 pm (Uncategorized)

I know I don’t usually post pictures that have anything to do with what I have written, but this is just too crazy to not add a photo of.

So we were in bed on Sunday evening reading our respective books, when all of a sudden there was a thunderous rumbling followed by a solid crash. I looked at my wife and I know we both had looks on our faces that said “What in the world was that?”

Isabel had at this point run to the living room and was barking as loud as she could. I threw on pants, jacket and a hat and ran outside with my phone where I came upon a man sitting in my neighbor’s gutter talking on his cell phone. His left hand was dripping blood, it is always weird to see someone else bleeding because you know it has to hurt, or will sometime soon.

About 5 feet away from the man was his overturned truck which he rolled from the front of my driveway to the end of the road. It had landed upside down pinned against the telephone pole. He took out a fire hydrant, but not the power box thankfully.

I called 911 and the dispatch woman asked if we needed an ambulance. The man seemed to not think he needed any medical attention – which I told her, then quickly added that he was bleeding.

As the police arrived my neighbors trickled out – there were six of us in all with assorted clothes on, blankets and hats trying to stay warm, and thoroughly perplexed.

The man told the officers on the scene that a man named ‘Jimmy’ had been driving and that when he rolled the truck, he ran off – leaving him stranded on the side of the road.

What was obvious to the rest of us – was that this man was drunk and trying to save himself from a DWI conviction.

Suzannah and I were just amazed that the man survived. I hope he is thanking the good Lord that he lived through this ordeal.

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