July 1, 2008 at 7:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorry for the delay, it is like I have been wrapped up in life and work for a little while. Of course we had a 4-year old staying with us for about a week so that took up a lot of my time. It was also really fun to be a dad for a little while to my nephew Kip. He is really cool and at a neat stage where he can do just about everything by himself, but he has an attention span of zero. He picks up something and plays with it for a few moments and then is on to something else like lightning. We learned quickly that trying to entertain him was futile. But when we left him alone, he would figure out something to play with by himself. That was super. Of course he was also always wanting to play the Wii as well, he liked to play the shooting game on Wii Play where you hit targets, clay pigeons and of course – ducks. He has a great name for it which is hilarious!

Me: “Kip what do you want to play?”
Kip: “Duck Hunk”
Me: “Duck Hunk?”
Kip: “Yes”


Over the weekend we had our eldest nephew Christian with us who is always fun to hang out with. We played games and lounged around on Saturday on account of the buckets of rain we were getting YET again. We ended up going to see Wall-E which I highly recommend. It was smart and fun, it is a big kid movie disguised as a kids cartoon. Also the opening cartoon that Pixar does is hilarious! It is about a magician and his rabbit, who is very, very, hungry.

Well I hope I will be on here a little bit more, but it is almost the 4th of July so I will be planning my fireworks strategy very soon. I love fireworks!


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