July 16, 2008 at 4:28 pm (Uncategorized)

My folks are currently on the continent of Africa working with a group called Rafiki which helps orphaned children by giving them families they can count on. So far it has been a good trip for them. They have been sending me updates which I will post below:

Today we were up at 5:30, dad opened the morning staff prayer and Bible study by playing his cornet…it was a beautiful sight.

Our director of the Village is a dynamic Chinese woman who has worked for the Singapore government for 20 years. She graduated from Stanford as an attorney. She is a very sharp woman.

We taught all morning, music – dad was great, the kids love his ideas and humor.

At night we are assigned one of the houses [they have 10 children and a momma] to attend and share stories and evening devotions. We have been given the boys house [older children] whose momma up and left them about 1 month ago. They are having problems with some of the boys acting out and of course they are feeling abandoned since another significant person in their life has left. We had a lot of fun with them last evening and are going back in a few minutes for a Muggy Wump story. (This is a character my dad made up and would tell us stories about when we were kids)

I have seen 6 children with illness today and started some on medicine.

Joyce, who is a maintenance worker here, walks 30 minutes to and from the Village, has 2 children of her own to care for when she gets home, and an activity with church every evening. She has an incredible attitude (talk about busy). She is taking us to her home on Thursday so we can see life outside the Village walls.

gotta go

loves to all



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