Africa – Kenya part 3

July 23, 2008 at 6:34 pm (Uncategorized)

My parents are currently serving in Kenya with a group of orphaned children:

I left off with our walk to Joyce’s home to see how a Kenyan family lives. The 30 minute walk to her home was filled with some of the worst poverty I have seen. Children playing on mounds of garbage, dust, pollution from fires, chickens and animals in the streets. Shacks of cardboard formed houses.

Joyce’s home was considered ‘middle class’ by standards here. It did have a clean entry, but was so small, perhaps 500 feet, that all 6 of us could not enter the house at the same time without one of us standing. The main room not only had a couch but a set of bunk beds – 2 people slept in this room. There was a tiny bedroom where Joyce and her hubby and baby sleep. No refrigerator, no bathroom, every inch of space used. She was so proud and happy for us to come to her home. We were all humbled.

The safari trip took us 2 hours to get to the plane due to intense traffic and chaotic driving conditions. No traffic lights and cars everywhere, huge lines at gas stations with honking and yelling. Bicycles riding between cars on the roads trying to sell you newspapers. There was no one riding alone in the cars or vans. 8 to 12 Kenyans were shoved into each vehicle.

The safari itself was breathtaking…we saw lions, rhinoceros, cheetahs etc. everything BUT a leopard wouldn’t you know! The most spectacular sight was mating ostriches. Now there is a story I will share some other time. We stayed in tents but they were the kind Adele has always wanted us to use, showers, toilets, and soft beds with monkeys in the trees [or was that Jon running around?}

Back to the Village. We have an intense week of teaching. We start the day with Bible study and singing as a group, then Jon teaches music all day. I am teaching two classes of Bible Study on Numbers 7 to 12 (there is a cheery bit of scripture that I have tried to make interesting and applicable to their lives). Tomorrow I begin HIV classes and Sex and personal health for the girls.

A drunk driver running a fork lift from the rock quarry knocked down 30 feet of our Rafiki wall on Monday morning. The police are investigating and we have extra guards on duty to keep those out that would harm us or the Village children.

Enough for now…I have a class in Spelling and English I need to teach.


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