Africa – Kenya Part 4

July 25, 2008 at 3:45 pm (Uncategorized)

A continuation of my parent’s experiences in Africa working with orphaned children:

I sit with amazement at my husband, who 4 months ago did not want to venture on a Mission trip because he thought ‘a teetsie fly’ might get him. The bug bit him, but not the one he thought. He has been so wonderful in teaching the children. There are so few male role models in a Village like this. He has spent countless hours instructing them in music as well as talking with them personally as a father. He plays for them prior to every meal and leads them in a study every evening. Naturally he brought many small toys (Curious George on the high wire etc.) that have allowed the children to laugh. It is great to see the delight in their eyes.

We don’t talk much about our jobs, condo, church, or checkbook, just daily planning for each class we are to instruct. My favorite thing today was the health/sex/HIV class I taught the girls. I had them place their questions in a bag without their names. They had many concerns I was able to address. I also love teaching spelling and grammar, even after misspelling ‘Ostrich’ yesterday in my email.

Kennedy, the man who travels 2 1/2 hours one way, spoke at a church on Sunday to 1000 people.

I am amazed at our director, who is up at 4AM praying, teaching, and directing all the problems and issues in running the Village. Her hard work and diligent attitude make this place work. My life seems so easy in comparison.

If I can stay up late enough to send a picture. I will. Bed looks good by 9PM


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