Africa – Kenya Part 5 Coming Home

July 25, 2008 at 3:58 pm (Uncategorized)

My parents have been in Africa for almost two full weeks helping take care of many orphaned African boys and girls. They are leaving soon and coming back to their very regular lives on Saturday. I am sure they will be exhausted and hopefully they will be changed people too. How great it is to serve others. My mother’s final email from Africa:

Our trip is ending. We had to say goodbye to the children tonight.We have become especially attached to a group of 10 adolescent boys who have had 2 different mamas since they have arrived at Rafiki (as well as being abandoned by their birth mother). One child watched while his dad murdered his mom, others have had deep emotional and sexual abuse. The oldest boy Kevin (around 14…no one really knows how old they are) asks ‘why do I never have a visitor?’
(no one has come to see him since he came over 10 years ago)

We have about 14 older students who have come from the outside the Village to attend school during the day. Due to the increase in numbers for lunch, we ran out of food the other day. It costs around $200/month to feed each child. Our refrigerator is pretty bare in our cottage too. We have all become clever at devising new things to eat.

We were able to go with our Village director last night and a drive into town for some business she needed to do. The roads were crazy with goats crossing, people walking everywhere, and dust. We finally got something decent to eat and we were all grateful for a break.

The children are very good at memorizing things. They have difficulty in making decisions on their own, working in groups and creative thinking. They look and act much younger than they are. I do think they can sing every song in the Hymnal and are great with their Bible knowledge.

I am looking forward to coming home. it was an encouragement to hear from some of you during our 2 weeks. We appreciate the support and prayers.


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