Choose your own adventure

September 26, 2008 at 2:34 pm (Uncategorized)

When I get to this part of the story about bailouts and failures I want to choose my own adventure. I want to have two options:

Would you like to bail out the market and spend $700 billion in taxpayer money?
Would you like to do nothing and let the market do its thing?

I would skip ahead to see what would happen if we did nothing. It is morbid curiosity to see what would be going on in a year or two if we just accepted our mistakes and went forward instead of trying to but a band-aid on the Titanic.

Of course, if the story ends in a bad way, I want to be able to flip back really quick and pretend I did not take option number 2.

Of course, isn’t that essentially what we are doing right now?

Let’s just pretend we have not been making years of bad decisions, loans, investments and laws – right? Can’t we just go back to the way things were? Quick! If we throw money at it, it will be like flipping back in the book. Essentially, you are cheating. We picked a course and should live with it. I understand this school of thought. How do we learn from our mistakes if we are not allowed to fail?

If your child spends all of their allowance on candy, and then is upset when they cannot afford a baseball card that they really want, are you going to bail them out and get it for them? Or have them learn that we must be wise with our money in every way, otherwise it will get the best of us.

I see government like I see kids, only government is not as smart or quick to learn.

Part of me wants to skip ahead and see the politicians take a beating. The other part of me wants to keep family and friends out of harms way.

Alas, life is not a book, it is only something we write about after it has already happened. Something we experience, plan, and spend. I think we are all coming to the realization that we have been spending it on the wrong things.

I hope the next chapter is better than this one.


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  1. Anonymous said,

    I think we should take a Billion of the 70 Billion and send congress on a permanent vacation to some exotic Island. Refund the other 69 billion to the tax payers, and let the banks live with whatever happens. If Banks loan money to those who can’t afford Home ownership, and then Crank up the Interest Rates to make MORE money, they should have to live with the fallout.

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