Branson is in a time warp

October 9, 2008 at 1:06 pm (Uncategorized)

“This was a hit for me back in the ’70s” said Mary Lou Turner as she took the stage with her bedazzled jean jacket and fabulous curly hair. It was a night to remember at the God and Country theater in Branson, Missouri. One of my wife’s students had earned first place in the Ozark Idol contest and was given the opportunity to sing with some country queens of days gone by.

Decked out in a huge black cowboy hat, his outfit was completed by a belt buckle that was bigger than a diner pancake. He sang about being famous, and all the silly things he would be able to get away with, because it would only increase his fame. He then went into another track about “turning the lights down low,” which was a little odd since he is only a senior in High School. He closed out his little set with a song called “Say” from the movie “The Bucket List.” This was the best of the songs and was preceded by a nice dedication to a young man who is fighting cancer.

Then came the real show.

I think I became mesmerized by the glittery heart-shaped American flags that the first vocalist had spattered all over her jacket. I thought to myself “this is the only woman who could pull off that ensemble.” Of course earlier in the evening when I walked in, there was a woman looking at all of the advertising racks with a pink trucker hat on with a feathery pink duster looking item attached to it. I remember thinking “Only in Branson…”

All of the singers were very good and tried to work the crowd, the median age was 68, but that was only because a busload of kids were there from a local High School dragging the numbers down. I felt stuck in a time warp. A weird country music time warp where every day is a day to relive the past, and glitter is the new black.

I will not trade this experience for anything in the world. I am also positive that this is not how I want to spend my retirement.


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  1. GucciLittlePiggy said,

    THAT is very true. Glittery American flags are only acceptable in Branson, just as glittery Confederate flags are only acceptable in Nashville.

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