Song of the Day 7/9/2009

July 9, 2009 at 1:02 pm (mp3, qotd, Uncategorized)

Elvis Costello

On this day in 1977 – Elvis Costello quit his day job as a computer operator at a cosmetic factory.

The WalkmenFour Provinces

Question of the Day:

What was the last movie you rented from a physcial video store?



  1. Emily said,

    I think it was The Women. Although, it was from a Red Box. Not sure if that counts as a physical video store. Man, I’m really in desperate need of a chick flick. Did anyone see The Proposal?

  2. Kel/y_H said,

    It has been more than 2 years since I rented a movie from a store. Does borrowing movies from the library count? If so, we borrowed a Flaming Lips documentary at the Johnson County Library. Their lead singer is an interesting character!

  3. Enoch said,

    hmmm… I think Netflix is a physical video store. I mean, it’s not like the movies they send me materialize just to fill my order and then disintegrate when the mail manwomanperson picks them up. Anyway, I know what you mean.

    I don’t remember exactly. All I remember is that it was one of these action flicks with a lower budget than a single episode of Scrubs. I only rent from the store when my friend Matt comes over, and he’s seen almost everything in there, so we usually resort to such desperate measures.

    Emily, I’ve seen An Indecent Proposal. Is that the one?


  4. ab said,

    I’m not 100% convinced An Indecent Proposal passes as a chick flick.

    I was actually thinking about B&M video stores a few days ago. I saw a neon sticker that said “Rent 7 movies for 60 Cents a Day!” and found myself struggling to pinpoint their target market.

    Who actually drives to the video store?

    This is sorta ironic: The last movie I had delivered via Netflix was titled
    Be Kind -Rewind.

  5. Shannon said,

    Mine was a movie called Driving Lessons, which is a British comedy/drama. It’s about a teenage boy who starts to work for a retired actress who is a little crazy, and then bittersweet hilarity ensues. Both of the main actors are from the Harry Potter films: the boy is Rupert Grint who plays Ron, and the woman is Julie Walters who plays Ron’s mom.
    It’s strange that my last brick and mortar rental was such an obscure film. I originally got my Netflix account because it would make it easier for me to rent obscure films.

  6. nattya61 said,

    I really liked Be Kind Rewind. I think the last movie we actually rented was The Day the Earth Stood Still. It sucked, but I still have a thing for Keanu Reeves, so oh well. (Yes, make fun. Duuude…) The last movie we NetFlixed was Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog…which is awesome! I’m watching it again tonight. I think little Nicholas will like it. He seems to appreciate Joss Whedon’s musicals already.

  7. amber said,

    uh oh, i rented three last weekend. Role Models (which was surprisingly VERY funny-had lots of members of the State comedy group in it), Balls of Fury (which was predictibly ridiculous but Christopher Walken can do no wrong in my eyes) and W, which we haven’t had time to watch. I forgot ALL about them tho, and I think they are over due.

  8. amber said,

    oh, and i can’t believe that i just figured out the reason the blog was different is cause it is a different blog!

  9. amber said,

    ON the topic of movies-i watched Cashback on netflix months and months ago, and it is for sure the most beautiful film i’ve seen since American Beauty, Black Snake Moan, or the Six Feet Under series-highly recommend it. just wanted to share that, and add that i hate the video store, but when the fireworks get boring and your friend and her teen kid are over and all u have from netflix is a stack of Battlestar Gallactica discs, whatcha gonna do?

  10. Nicole said,

    Netflix – “He’s Just Not That Into You”
    Blockbuster – “Hostage,” I still have it at my house…And it’s been um…4 years since I managed there.
    Movie Gallery – I’m guessing “Because I Said So,” b/c I heart that movie (have it with me now) and because we didn’t have Netflix when it came out and all I wanted all day/night was to watch it…So, finally after renting it about 10 times, Tim bought it for me. 🙂 So sweet, I know.

  11. sabreryan said,

    The Midnight Meat Train.

    More than likely, it’s not what you’re thinking it is. It’s horror.

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