Song of the Day 7/24/2009

July 24, 2009 at 12:40 pm (Uncategorized)


On this day in 1965 – The Beach Boys’ “California Girls” was released.

Delta SpiritPeople C’mon

Question of the Day:

Where did you work before you came to your current position? What did you like/dislike about it?



  1. Emily said,

    Ugh. I was a perpetual student worker at MSU. I HATED it. I got all the crap jobs. The best was cleaning bugs off the window sill in the dean of library sciences’ office. Hooray!

  2. Nicole said,

    I had two jobs…I was a deli girl at the Primose location of McAlister’s Deli 🙂 Yes, I got all the free sweet tea I wanted. And then I was open/close manager of Blockbuster on Battlefield and Jefferson. I loved both jobs very much. There was a lot of funny stuff that happened at the Deli, but it kept it interesting for two years! And, I made life-long friends at both locations.

  3. Natty said,

    I was a tutor/graduate assistant at the SEMO Writing Center. I loved it. The pay and benefits (there were no benefits) sucked, though.

  4. Kel/y_H said,

    Well, let’s see… I was a technical writer for Jack Henry and Associates, a company that I think you are all familiar with. 🙂 I liked all the people I worked with, except the lady I wanted to punch in the face. I liked the cafeteria and the benefits also. I didn’t like the product (and not just 4|sight), the good-ol-boy system of management, and the rampant conservatism. I can say these things now 🙂

    • Enoch said,

      Conservatism? I have no idea what you’re talking about. We’re all good Democrats here in the Ozarks.

    • Shannon said,

      Kel/y_H, you should move to a more liberal state.

      Like Alabama.

    • amber said,

      JHA is run by yellow-dogs if u compare it to Paul Mueller Company! YIKES! i was such a minority there.
      Actually, compared to paul mueller there IS no good-ole-boy system at jha either! u have no idea!
      u left shangrila for utopia tho lucky lucky girl.
      (btw, luckily for those who’ve heard about the delightful FOUR YEARS i worked at the illustrious Paul Mueller Co, it wasn’t the last place i worked, so my reply will be about OFH!

      • Kel/y_H said,

        I don’t mean conservatism politically, although there was much of that. And, for the record, I moved to a MORE conservative state.

        I just meant that as a business model JHA was very conservative, as was its customer base. In the one year I have been here I have seen my company change the way it does business more than in the 3 years I was at JHA.

        Not to say that’s even a bad thing, just a thing I didn’t care for.

      • amber said,

        AHH, that makes tons of sense. ok, well for the record, Paul Mueller Company still sucks! 🙂

      • Shannon said,

        “And, for the record, I moved to a MORE conservative state.”

        I was being sarcastic about Alabama being more liberal. VERY sarcastic.

  5. ab said,

    I hated Springfield when I moved here to finish school. Every summer I’d move into some shanty on the Lake of the Ozarks and work at a waterfront bar and grill. Most of the other servers were down for the summer as well, staying in their parents lake homes. This proximity afforded me a summer of going out on boats and hanging at lakefront vacation homes.

    The cheapest places to live were on the west side, so I was always living smack-dab n the middle of nowhere…the nearest Wal-mart was a good hour away. But a short ride on a boat would have you across the lake sipping cold ones at the hottest spots at the Lake in about ten minutes.


    Then I realized, after about five years, that I would never graduate with the go-away-and-play mentality. Most people my age were starting masters programs or getting married.

    I was switching majors.

  6. enochfreeman said,

    I worked as a GA, teaching one class of English 110 and tutoring in the writing center. I also delivered pizza for Domino’s. So it felt like three jobs. I liked all of it. I really miss teaching, but not the politics and pay grade. I actually made more money delivering pizza. I imagine I may soon be returning to that part time job to pay off some of my stupid debt. e

  7. Shannon said,

    Previously I worked in a bank call center, answering customer emails. What I liked: I wasn’t on the phone like everyone else, so I had some freedom. I worked on the team that did tech support for Internet Banking, and so I was surrounded by a delightful group of geeks, and we were all very good friends.
    What I didn’t like: Upper management treated us very badly. Also, I thought the company was immoral, and ethics will run me out of a job way faster than mistreatment will.

  8. amber said,

    I was the Grant-Writer/Public Relations Coordinator for Ozarks Food Harvest. What I liked and didn’t like is complicated. I care about some of the ppl who work there a lot, and really enjoyed some of them, but due to the stressful and emotionally draining nature of non-profit work there was a complex web of hatred for each other among the employees, and it was an unpleasant and unnecassary stressor. in other words TOO MUCH DRAMA! OMG all that he said she said stuff got old!
    Things i liked about it was “trying to save the world,” and spreading education about poverty-there are so misconceptions and false judgements about it.
    I also liked how fast-paced and varied my job was-i rarely worked on the same thing for more than an hour or two, except when I had a fast grant deadline, and then i could close my door (yes i had an OFFICE with a DOOR!) and blast my music and write away.
    i DIDN’T like drudging up new negative statistics about how prevalent hunger and poverty are in the lives of nearly FIFTY PERCENT of children in southwest MO every day, and using those stats to manipulate ppl out of their money.
    There is a lot of valuable phsychology that goes into fundraising, and to me it’s just as shady as subliminal advertising-it may be for good causes, but it’s still manipulation.
    Every word i wrote was contrived to illicit a specific emotional response from the reader….
    i was on the news a lot, and even tho i never liked how i looked, that was kinda fun and exciting sometimes.
    we got early fridays a LOT-that was way awesome.
    but i barely made enough money to live on with no hope for raises, and i HATED having to kiss the butts of richies for a wage. felt a bit whorish i guess. i’d rather be nice to someone cause i like them, not cause i’m paid to manipulate them from their money!
    yeah-it changed my view of the non-profit sector for life.
    charities are great of course, but … fundraising is not for me!

  9. sabreryan said,

    I was the graduate assistant for the African American Studies program at Missouri State. No joke.

    Before that, Cheddars. Five years of waiting tables. With a bachelor’s degree. You now know why I’m so grizzled.

    • Shannon said,

      We don’t have Cheddars in Birmingham, and I think I ate there last time I was in Monett. I was told that I just had to try this skillet cookie thing.
      The name of the restaurant cracks me up. They may as well name themselves “Please Stay Chubby!”

      • Shannon said,

        The skillet cookie thing was tasty, by the way. I was full by dessert so I ordered it to go and ate it later. I didn’t get a chance to try it hot, with ice cream.

      • Sabre said,

        The Cookie Monster. The only good thing about those was that there were always 20 gallon vats of cookie dough laying around back in the cooler. I pretty much lived on cookie dough for a few years.

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