Song of the Day 7/31/2009

July 31, 2009 at 1:33 am (Uncategorized)


On this day in 1976 – Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper” was released


Question of the Day:

What is the strangest thing you have ever stuck up your nose?



  1. nattya61 said,

    I don’t think I’ve ever really stuck anything weird up my nose. I was told by my cousin the last time I went to Salem that I stuck Rice Krispies in my ears as a baby and it took my mom forever to get them all out. She never took me to the doctor for it, so who knows…I might still have a couple crackling in there…unless they would have dissolved by now. Oh well.

  2. Nicole said,

    I didn’t stick it up my nose, but my son has a fascination with noses. He loves Tim’s especially and will bite it (with his now two front teeth) or grab it and yes, occasionally, stick his fingers up it. And, yes, he’s done that to me a time or two as well.

  3. Shannon said,

    I don’t believe I’ve ever stuck anything weird up my nose. However, my little sister had a sinus infection for months when she was a child, and they finally discovered that she had a tiny plastic Star Wars gun from one of my action figures in her nose.
    I am pretty sure it was Princess Leia’s gun, because (a.) hers was so small, and (b.) I’d been missing that one for a long time.
    My mom told me what it was when my sister returned from the doctor’s office. I was really annoyed that they threw the gun away after extracting it from her nose (I think I was too young to realize that I probably didn’t want it back at that point).

  4. amber said,

    Never have been one to stick things up my nose that i know of. I got SHOTS up my nose as a kid as part of some horrible mad scientist of an ear nose and throat dr’s experiment… dunno what the shots were or if they actually helped my allergies and sinusitus, but they were HORRIBLE and dr’s have since said all he probably accomplished was creating scar tissue!

  5. enochfreeman said,

    When I was 7ish, me and a couple of sibs decided it would be interesting to snort a line of salt from Sonic. It was hilarious and painful. I’m glad I got turned off to drugs at an early age.

    How does someone post a link in a comment?

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