Song of the Day 8/10/2009

August 9, 2009 at 8:58 pm (Uncategorized)


On this day in 1995 – Jimmy Buffett led a birthday celebration for U.S. President Clinton’s birthday at the White House.

VelvetThe Big Pink

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite book series of all time? (only one)



  1. Emily said,

    The Mitford series by Jan Karon. I’ve read them over and over again.

  2. Kel/y_H said,

    Series? I don’t think I have read a series since I spent an entire summer reading the entire Babysitter’s Club series. Did you know Ann Martin hired a ghost writer to actually write the books? True story, I never did Harry Potter, Twilight, Dragon Lance, etc.

    It’s on my list to do John Updike’s Rabbit series, and since I love everything else of his, I’ll say that’s it.

  3. Megan said,

    Has to be the Harry Potter set for a favorite. I have several others I enjoy reading as well.

  4. Shannon said,

    My favorite series is actually a comic book series, the Sandman comics. Technically books because they are all collected into graphic novels.

    My Kashi honey and cinnamon oatmeal needs… well, some honey and cinnamon. What gives Kashi, normally your products are so tasty!

    • amber said,

      except for Kashi’s bizarre lemon rosemary chicken dinner, it wasn’t exactly tasty. it was edible… that’s as fair as i can be about it!

      • Shannon said,

        I liked the lemon rosemary chicken alright, but it’s never available at my local grocery store. My favorite is the chicken florentine.
        I’m just surprised that they can’t get enough sweetness in their oatmeal. It can’t be THAT hard. Their granola is really good, and always plenty sweet.

      • amber said,

        i like the raspberry chocolate gronala bars, and the chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies the best.

      • adamthepugh said,

        It is funny that you guys normally get onto me about food topics, and here, I come up with a good question, and you STILL go back to food.

        Food questions rule.

        Hands down.

  5. amber said,

    OMG KELLY! u haven’t read Updike’s Rabbit series yet? i promise it will ruin the rest of his writing for u for life. it’s all good, yes, but those novels are epic! i was going to say Anne Rice’s Witching Hour series, or the Harry Potter stuff, but now that i remember Rabbit is technically a series, i go with that too.
    and YES i had something neat happen this weekend.
    dan and i had the most beautiful and perfect peaceful time at the music festival this last weekend, the weather was lovely, the crowd was all happy, many friends from out of town made it in, the music was AMAZING (big fan of Ben Miller Band-and how cool that the trombonist crashed at our campsite) and then 8 of us followed it all up with our traditional noon-time breakfast of tacos and 3.5% Budweiser at George’s steakhouse. we sat outside at breakfast, and it started thundering and lightning while we ate, but didn’t do anything more than sprinkle.
    THEN we all went to ride go-carts, and D and I finally crawled home bruised, sore, tired, and sleep-deprived to a nice quiet dinner of homemade chalupas, an epsom salt bath, and bed by a record-breaking early-for-us 10PM!
    the only problem with a weekend like that is that it makes my cube seem all that much more depressing! i may have to redecorate with a big blue sky painting right above my computer screen!

  6. Nicole said,

    My favorite is Twilight. Love, love, love. I’m so glad Megan and Marlo are onboard with the series, or my days spent in J8 would be lonely sometimes.

    Any way – This weekend I was covered in baby vomit 98% of the time. That’s pretty exciting, right?

  7. amber said,

    i dunno nicole, technically adam asked for “neat” not exciting…. 😉
    i dreamed about babies last night-there were two of them hanging out in a really cool baby swing thing, and one needed his diaper changed, and i was the only one not eating dinner at the time, so i was gonna have to take care of the diaper situation and that kinda stressed me out (in the dream) haha.

    • Shannon said,

      I dreamed I was being chased by a Terminator this weekend. Which stressed me out as well. I had planned on being attacked by Terminators, so I had a plan laid out for it. Unfortunately, the plan included only ever having one gun at a time, which is ill-advised during a Terminator invasion.
      This is what happens when I go to sleep watching Terminator 2, apparently.

  8. Natty said,

    I watched Terminator 2 for the first time this weekend. It was good.

    I don’t really have a favorite book series. I do like all of Margaret Atwood’s books, so I guess that’s sorta liking a series, even though most of hers aren’t related.

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