Song of the Day 9/11/2009

September 10, 2009 at 9:56 pm (Uncategorized)


On this day in 2001 – We were attacked by terrorists.

The Golden FilterSolid Gold

Question of the Day:

What happened to you on 9/11?



  1. Emily said,

    I guess I’ll go first! I remember that my best friend/roommate and I went downstairs from our room in Woods dorm and a bunch of people were gathered around the giant TV. We thought that was weird but went on our way to the dining hall, sat down with our food, and then saw the news on the TVs hanging in the corners. After breakfast I went to my English class, and the professor was friends with a flight attendant on one of the planes that crashed, so she was a wreck. A lot of my other classes were cancelled. I do remember in that English class that the prof. said something about this being the only significant terrorist tragedy to hit the U.S., and when someone brought up the OKC bombing, she scoffed and said that didn’t matter in comparison. I know that the 9/11 devastation was far worse than OKC, but for those of us who lived that bombing, it’s definitely up there in traumatic events. Okay, off my soap box now. Happy Freedom day, everyone!

    • Megan said,

      Emily – I have to agree with you. If you were anywhere in Oklahoma or knew anayone there, it was (and still is) a major terrorist action and lots of lives were lost for no reason. It’s the NYCFD that came to help out in OKC during that tragedy and helped prepare them for 9/11 action. The OKC memorial is a fantastic way to show the lives affected, how the community pulled together and grew stronger. I hope NYC use some of that whenever they finalize the memorial there. God Bless (and Protect) America!

      • Emily said,

        I agree about the Memorial. It’s absolutely beautiful, and the small chairs for all those children break my heart every time.

  2. Natty said,

    I was getting ready to go to class when the first plane hit and was driving to school listening to Howard Stern when the second plane hit. I got to class (Spanish) and the professor told us all to go home. No one really wanted to be on a campus with a nuclear reactor that day.

  3. Megan said,

    As to 9/11/2001. I was on the phone (JHA Support) w/ a lady at a bank in NYC. She said “Wow, I think there’s been a huge car crash….” and the lilne went dead. She wasn’t in the twin towers but blocks away. Right after the phone went dead, my husband, who was in the cardiac unit in Springfield, called to tell me that a plane went into downtown NYC… we were talking as he watched the second plane hit. Things went crazy from there. Everyone in support started calling our NY banks to make sure everyone was ok and after several days we finally got word. It was both a horrible day (attacks) but also an uplifting one (all of the US and world pulling toghether to help in ANY way they could). I’m proud to be an American and thank God for people that put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

  4. Nicole said,

    I was getting ready for school. I was a senior that year, and my dad was studying in the front room for one of his classes at Brian Career College. He screamed at me to come running, and I did. And he told me what he saw, just as I was going back down the hall to finish getting ready he screamed that another plane hit the other tower as he was watching it. I remember when I pulled into the parking lot the radio dj said that all planes had been grounded and to go outside and listen to how quiet it is. That day, all the teachers had the TVs on in the rooms and we didn’t do one bit of work, in every class we watched the news.

  5. Kevin said,

    I was at work. One of the women I worked with at the time mentioned that she couldn’t get the internet to pull up and thought that was strange. Several people were complaining about it until someone who had just come in told us what was going on. One of the managers got a television from somewhere and we started watching it. Many people ran out and got gas, thinking that gas prices would go up. Not much work got done that day. The gas station down the street from our office (the metal maintenance building at the time) hiked their prices up to high. He went out of business a few months later thanks to his price gouging.

  6. Amber said,

    I worked at Empire Bank and I was walking into the break room to clock in when the 2nd plane hit. There were people standing in there watching the breakroom tv, and that seemed odd. I had been listening to a CD in my car that morning though, so I didn’t really know what was going on. I worked in loan ops, and someone had a radio playing all day. One of the girls walked by and said, I don’t get what the big deal is, I said, the pentagon just got hit too; it’s like we’re under attack!
    I remember the gas price freakouts, and when I went to lunch I talked to someone who was saying they were waiting in line for gas. That was the part I remember most I think, the panic and hysteria that developed over things like gas and fear of attacks. I think the Battlefield Mall closed at one point? I could totally see that, Trade Center, Pentagon, Battlefield Mall-makes total sense! There was a lot of irrationality, overreaction, and fear mongering-ugh and that price gouging!
    I also remember stopping to watch the ugly green scene of the bombs dropping in Irag just a few days later as I was leaving work, and thinking that our justifications for the bombings seemed questionable and the decision seemed rash.

  7. Amber said,

    I have to say, in a gratuitous plug of my friend and husband’s web comic, that I think today’s is the best sad robot so far….

  8. Shannon said,

    I was at home. I was working late nights and going to school in the mornings, and I had just woken up before class (I was very late to class that day). My TV was on BBC American and the Guide said the show on was called First Strike or War Zone or something like that, and for a few minutes I didn’t know if I was watching a TV show or news. After I changed the channel a few times, I figured it out.
    I tuned in soon after the first plane hit, and the journalists on the street had no idea what was going on. It seemed like maybe it had been an accident. Then the second plane hit, and it became clear.
    A little later, I watched live as a reporter ran down the street away from the falling debris. All these people were running with him, and I was thinking about how huge and crowded New York is, and I was terrified of what I might be about to see on TV.
    It was all very startling to me. I kept feeling strange about sitting in my living room, watching it happen live. It felt weird and voyeuristic. It’s very bizarre to watch an entire city’s tragedy from an up close, on the street perspective.

  9. Lindsey said,

    I was at work, at an airport in the middle of Kansas that has the 3rd largest runway in the world. I was outside parking ALL of the planes that were landing wondering what the heck was going on and where all these planes were coming from. I finally got a pilot running from his plane to the FBO to tell me what was happening. I got inside just in time to see the second plane hit.

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