Song of the Day 9/14/2009

September 13, 2009 at 9:37 pm (Uncategorized)


On this day in 1741 – George Handel completed “Messiah” in time for an orphan’s charity concert.

The WhipFrustration

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite album to fall asleep to?



  1. Nicole said,

    Gah! Fall asleep to MUSIC? You crazy? I have to have ear plugs in my ears to fall asleep, and that’s with OR without someone in the room with me. With two fans pointed right at my face to blur out any other noise.

  2. Kel/y_H said,

    Anything in the Rockabye Baby! series. They do lullaby-esque covers of bands like Nirvana, Green Day, The Pixies, The Rolling Stones, No Doubt, etc. Of course my favorite is their Radiohead album. Very relaxing.

  3. 1967chevynova said,

    My friend Matt made me this ‘songs to sleep to’ album when I lived in the dorms in college, and I still use it when Andy’s working late. It has instrumental songs because words in songs keep me awake.

  4. Samkon said,

    SportsCenter’s Top Plays

  5. Natty said,

    I used to have a “Sleep” playlist set up on my computer that consisted of some Aimee Mann, Sarah McLachlan, Leona Naess, Paula Cole, Angie Aparo…good stuff, but slower and dreamier. Now I don’t need music to fall asleep. Any chance to sleep, I’m out.

  6. Amber said,

    I don’t USUALLY fall asleep to music, but sometimes if I’m particularly enjoying whatever I’m listening to come bed time I’ll do that. If it’s not pandora, it will probably be a blues-heavy playlist on my ipod.

  7. Kel/y_H said,

    Gratuitous self-promotion: It’s the last day to vote for “The Best Song You’ve Never Heard”. If you’re interested, click on my name for the link, listen to the picks, and then vote! It’s blogger, so sorry JHA people. You’ll just have to get Matt Whisman to take down the system.

  8. Amber said,

    grumble grumble….
    i checked my facebook from my phone last night! so i STILL haven’t gotten to vote!

  9. Marlo said,

    Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, or Bridget Gardot.

    • Amber said,

      for some reason that i can’t explain, i HATE Norah Jones.
      just thought i’d share that.

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