Song of the Day 9/15/2009

September 14, 2009 at 10:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow, bad hair AND bad shoes...

Wow, bad hair AND bad shoes...

On this day in 1974 – Gary Thain (Uriah Heep) was nearly electrocuted on stage during a show in Dallas.

Mos DefQuiet Dog

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite Patrick Swayze film?

(RIP Patrick)



  1. 1967chevynova said,

    Oh, definitely Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts Baby in the corner! 🙂

  2. nattya61 said,

    Point Break. It’s classic 80’s.

  3. Marlo Miller said,

    Favorite movie is definitely Dirty Dancing, but favorite all time appearance would have to be him and Chris Farley on SNL and the chipndales dancer danceoff! Good stuff if you have never seen it, go watch it now.

  4. enochfreeman said,

    Donnie Darko. If you haven’t seen it, you need to. But don’t watch the director’s cut. It’s not as good.

    Swayze played a motivational speaker who also happened to be running a child pornography ring out of his house. (And if you haven’t seen it, I just ruined one of the biggest plot twists in the film.)


    • Amber said,

      thanks a lot enoch!
      i’ve been meaning to see that too, guess i’ll put it in my queue even tho u just ruined it!
      Dirty Dancing is my fave too-i think it made every little girl in America dream of one day spending the summer at a richie resort and learning to dance “dirty” from a sexy tough guy with a heart of gold. cheesy romance is the best when you’re in elementary school!

      • enochfreeman said,

        I didn’t ruin it. It’s not the main point of the film at all. And I didn’t tell you how he was discovered. It was actually kind of tragically hilarious.

  5. Nicole said,

    Dirty Dancing.

  6. adamthepugh said,

    Just so you know – I love all of the comments even though they are all wrong.


    Road House!

    • Amber said,

      i was thinking about Road House, but i can’t remember it well enough to say whether it was the best or not.
      wait a minute!
      GHOST! What about that pottery scene? again, the affects of cheesy romance on kiddos-i guess i was junior high by then! (nicole, please don’t comment on how old u were and make me feel old!)

      • adamthepugh said,

        I think I was 3 when that movie came out…

        OK I am kidding…

        I was 6.

      • Nicole said,

        I was three. 🙂

      • Amber said,


      • Amber said,

        Oh I missed that one Adam, so PPLLLLLLTTTT to u too! 😛

      • adamthepugh said,

        Oh stop. You make it sound like you were 40 back then. Being a teenager is not a bad thing. Silly goose!

  7. Megan said,

    I really liked Outsiders, Dirty Dancing and Ghost… but I gotta go w/ Adam on Road House! Kicking butt wins every time. “Be nice… until it’s time to not be nice.”

  8. Shannon said,

    My favorite film that Swayze was in was The Outsiders. That was my favorite book in middle school, and one of my favorite movies at the time. Everyone in that film became famous within a couple of years of its release.

    I was not a big Swayze film fan. He was REALLY popular when I was a teenager, and I was one of those who just didn’t get it. Plus, there was a lot of forced-watching of Dirty Dancing in my house, because my mom and my older sister loved that film.
    However, I admired his ability to laugh at himself. That Chippendales skit on SNL is classic. He also did one (I think in the same episode?) about Ghost, which I now always think about when I hear Unchained Melody.

    • enochfreeman said,

      Thank you, Shannon! I, too have never been a big fan, and I have never enjoyed Dirty Dancing. If you ask me, I think Swayze was “made” by pop media and everyone sheepishly fell in love with him because they were expected to.

      • Amber said,

        i can see that on the pop media “making” him, but he was an awesome dancer. that’s what he was first right? dancer turned actor?

        i have to say, i was REALLY disappointed in The Outsiders-i’ve noticed a phenomenon in “greaser” movies that is somewhat explemplified in a “greaser” friend of mine. “greasers” are cry babies. geez, suck it up and quit CRYING all the time boyz!

      • Shannon said,

        Well like I said, middle school. The Outsiders is a book written by a teenage girl, arguably for girls even younger than her, about non-threatening emotional guys who talk about poetry and read Gone with the Wind. And happen to also be thugs and murderers.
        Hm. I was going to point out that this is the perfect lit for tweens because of how non-threatening and girly the guys are, but then there’s that vicious killer angle. Not so different from Twilight, although none of The Outsiders sparkle in the sun.
        Geez, what’s wrong with tween girls that they all want to date sensitive artsy guys that might kill them?

    • Amber said,

      hmm, it’s not that far off from what most adult women seem to want-sensitive “bad boys” and all that.

  9. adamthepugh said,

    Hey Guys – let me know if you want a free month of Netflix. Shoot me an email or reply to this thread if you do!

  10. Shannon said,

    I assume that’s if you don’t already have Netflix. Right?

    • adamthepugh said,

      Correct – this is for peeps who currently lack movie connections via Netflix.

  11. Kevin said,

    Red Dawn was my favorite movie of his. Though, Next of Kin was a close second.

    • enochfreeman said,


  12. Kel/y_H said,

    To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

    I like to watch this movie when I’m feeling down on myself. It’s a guilty pleasure for sure. And yeah, the SNL skit is a classic.

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