Song of the Day 9/25/2009

September 24, 2009 at 8:54 pm (Uncategorized)


On this day in 1979 – The LP “The Long Run” was released by the Eagles.

Mayer Hawthorne and the County – It Ain’t Gonna Work Out

Question of the Day:

Name a game you are the best at (board, sports, or otherwise)



  1. Kel/y_H said,

    Oh, I’m the best at everything.

  2. enochfreeman said,

    Total Annihilation. It was a real time strategy from the mid-nineties. When my friends and I got into video games, most of them got pretty good at everything. I got really good at that one game. Oh, the wasted nights…

  3. Emily said,

    I’m fairly decent at Spoons. Nobody ever wants to play though. And someone usually gts hurt.

    • adamthepugh said,


      A classic!

      I need to play that again.

      I ate a spoonful of mustard once.

    • amber said,

      oh emily! we’re gonna have to play spoons! i get pretty viscious as well! someone once dragged me across the kitchen floor cause i had a spoon and i wasn’t letting go of it!
      what’s that about eating a spoonful of mustard adam?

      • adamthepugh said,

        The loser of spoons always had to eat a spoonful of something when we played.

        We were crazy West-Coast kids 🙂

  4. Kevin said,

    I was the best at Street Fighter II in the arcade. I wasted a lot of quarters on that game.

  5. Nicole said,

    I’m by no means “the best” at any sport, but I love to play and watch volleyball. When my sister was in HS, she was the lead setter along with Cristy Hammerbacher. And, when the Varsity team would go state, or play in tournaments, they would ask me to come out and set for them during warm ups! It was so awesome. I loved those girls!

    • amber said,

      where did you go to school? that name sounds familiar!

  6. Shannon said,

    I was pretty good at hide and seek. I hated being “it” because I ran much slower than my step-brothers and my sister and would remain “it” for many turns in a row, and so I became a master of hiding. I was especially good at nighttime hide and seek, and I had my one special very dark place where I was unseen but could easily see everyone else. I was always careful to make sure that nobody saw me go to this place.

    My hiding place was a large dip in my dad’s dirt driveway, which was pitch black at night, and I would have to lay down on the ground in order to hide there. Now that I’m an adult, I’m amazed that I never ended up pouncing on a snake or a scorpion or some other undesirable creature that was also hiding in the darkness.

  7. amber said,

    shannon yikes-what kinda driveway was that?

    I’m decent at Pictionary, and back in the day I played a mean twister! 🙂

    • Shannon said,

      My dad lives out in the country, and at the time the house had a somewhat long dirt driveway. The driveway was well below the earth around it, because of all the years of cars and rain and other erosion causing elements. It was not uncommon to see snakes and little scorpions around my dad’s place, as well as all the creepy gigantic bugs that seem to live near and in the woods.

      Fortunately he was feeding anywhere from 8 to 15 partly feral cats at any given time, and they kept most unwanted pests away from the house, but snakes did get into his house from time to time.

      Why on earth did we stop playing hide and seek and twister? I loved these games! They are so much cooler than sports.

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