Song of the Day 9/30/2009

September 29, 2009 at 9:18 pm (Uncategorized)


On this day in 1971 – Yes started their first tour with Rick Wakeman in England.

Electric OwlsMagic Show

Question of the Day:

What is the coolest trip you have ever been on?



  1. Bridget said,

    I just got back from the coolest trip I’ve ever been on–to Spain and Italy. It was awesome! Besides that, I think the coolest trip I’ve ever been on would be all the trips my family took to Hatteras when I was a kid. Good times!

  2. Emily said,

    It’s really hard to choose, but I’d say one of my top trips was camping with my family in Yellowstone. I think I could do that year-round. I love it.

    • Shannon said,

      I worked in Yellowstone one summer when I was in college. That’s a beautiful place!

  3. nattya61 said,

    My honeymoon to Mexico. I so can’t wait until we can go back.

  4. Nicole said,

    My honeymoon to Jamaica. Though the alcoholic atmosphere kind of ruined the evenings, it was beautiful and peaceful to take walks late at night. I loved the late night storms there, too. I love rain so much, and love to walk in it. And when it rained, it poured bad. So it was really amazing for me. Corny, I know!

  5. amber said,

    We went to Chicago for a friend’s wedding, so there were 6 of our closest friends there with us. We were there in September, and it was sunny and 80 degrees every day, and we caught a Rolling Stones concert at the United Center, and saw the Blue Man Group! I think the Rolling Stones put on the best concert I’ve ever seen-no surprise is it? It was also a special outdoor concert series that summer, so everywhere we walked there were parking lot parties with live music and little festivals. It was awesome!

  6. Enoch said,

    Haiti. Worked at Sonlight Academy for a week. Went back two years later and did it again. I want to live there.

  7. Kevin said,

    We went to Williamsburg, VA. My in-laws took us there a few years ago. Being a history buff, it was pretty cool to see where our country was founded. We stopped off at Jamestown where I found a small monument with an ancestor’s name on it (thanks, Mom for being into family history). I also toured the Governor’s Mansion where another ancestor did his Revolutionary War stint guarding the mansion. Being able to see the Yorktown battlefield was another highlight. I never knew the trenches were so close together. All in all, that was probably the best trip I’ve been on thanks to all the history associated with that area.

  8. Shannon said,

    New York City. I stayed with a friend of mine that was living there at the time, in her little apartment, in August. With nothing but a weak window unit for AC. I arrived in NYC right after the blackout, and her elevator in her building was not working so we had to climb stairs with all my luggage to her 5th floor apartment. I slept on the futon in her living room, which was literally half of her apartment (and it was not a large living room).

    It was fantastic. I wish I could see every city like this, living with a native. She told me her neighborhood housed the largest number of holocaust survivors in the US, and it was also popular with young artsy types. So when going to and from her apartment we’d walk past elderly people with concentration camp tattoos on their arms, talking on the doorstep with kids with blue mohawks.

    And that was just her neighborhood.

    I can’t say enough about it. I loved the convenience of the subway. I loved how you can find absolutely anything you want to do, see, eat, or buy, anytime, 24 hours a day. I also enjoyed learning that New Yorkers are not really all that rude – very practical, and impatient because everyone is headed somewhere at all times constantly, but if you sit down next to someone on the subway or in a restaurant and smile at them, they will talk to you.

    I have to go back someday, but I’ll be a little disappointed when I do because my friend doesn’t live there anymore. It won’t be quite the same.

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