Song of the Day 10/8/2009

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On this day in 1971 – “Imagine” was recorded by John Lennon.

Cotton JonesBlood Red Sentimental Blues

Question of the Day:

What smell reminds you of your grandmother or grandfather?

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  1. nattya61 said,

    For Grandma it’s rose salve, aquanet, lavender, and bacon.
    For Grandpa it’s stale cigarette smoke.

    I didn’t really know my dad’s parents enough to equate them with any smells (well, I didn’t know his mom at all as she died before I was born).

    I wonder what smell is going to remind Nick of my dad. Sweat probably. Haha!

  2. Emily said,

    Peaches. My grandparents had a ton of peach trees all around their house, and I always think of visiting when I smell fresh peaches. Mmm.

  3. Kel/y_H said,

    Cigars and funnel cake remind me of Grandpa. Stale cigarette smoke for Grandma. She’s quite the cook, but there’s no one item that I really associate with her.

  4. Megan said,

    Wood shavings remind me of my grandpa. He was always making things… cedar chests for the granddaughters, hutches for the grandsons, grandfather clocks for his kids and various other projects. My mother has been doing woodwork for several years now, so it’s a great memory for us all.

    Roast and noodles remind me of my grandma on mom’s side. We live 10+ hours away from each other, but whenever we can make it to visit, we always have roast and noodles.

    Avon lotions remind me of my grandma on my dad’s side. She used to sell avon YEARS ago and she still has cool bottles around her house. Unfortunately we always open several and you can’t really have that many smells around and have it smell good.

    And Adam – on the rain… supposed to hit this afternoon/tonight w/ 3-5 inches possible between then and tomorrow morning. UGH. Let’s all get our boats out and go tubing down Kelly Creek and downtown Monett!

  5. amber said,

    Apples for my dad’s side grandma (the coolest lady ever btw!) – she used to keep bushels of apples in the garage. I bought a bag of apples last night actually, and thought of her.

    It’s hard to describe, but warm fabric reminds me of my mom’s side grandma. She quilted, and the south facing room of her house was her sewing room. It wasn’t air conditioned, so it was usually warm, and recently our spare bedroom smelled just like it…. i had some clothes i was sorting stored in there, so, warm fabric is the best way to describe it!

    I was too young when my dad’s side grandpa died to have smell associated with him, but i have a little metal stool that reminds me of him. I used to sit on it when the three of us ate together, and grandma got me to eat a turnip once, and grandpa thought it was really funny.
    I don’t have a smell associated with mom’s side grandpa, maybe the smell of the Mueller weld shop?, but everytime i hear the alt. country singer James McMurtry i think of him. It’s something about the way he enunciates the words or one of his songs, it’s like grandpa is telling a story!

  6. Kevin said,

    Pipe smoke reminds me of Grandad (my father’s dad). The smell of the air next to a lake in the early morning reminds me of my Grandpa (my mom’s dad) since he was the one who taught me how to fish. Flowery perfume reminds me of my Granny (Dad’s mom). Any sort of homemade baked pie fresh out of the oven reminds me of my Grandma (Mom’s mom).

  7. Shannon said,

    With my grandmother, I don’t associate a specific scent. Just cooking in general. Sunday dinner.

    With my grandfather, I don’t associate a scent so much as a sound. I think of him whenever I hear Johnny Cash or Elvis singing gospel.

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