Song of the Day 10/20/2009

October 19, 2009 at 10:08 pm (qotd, Uncategorized)


On this day in 1961 – Bob Dylan’s self-titled debut album was recorded.

Rainbow Arabia – Holiday in Congo

Question of the Day:

What was the best Halloween costume you ever wore?



  1. Emily said,

    I know the answer to this right away. We go to a costume party every year at some friends’ house, and a few years ago John and I were a chicken and an egg. I bought a hooded sweatshirt and covered it in feathers. Then I put a beak on the hood part, and I wore yellow pants. I made chicken feet out of felt and attached them to my shoes. John wore a black shirt and pants, and I made a fried egg out of felt and attached it to the front. It was my favorite. His costume last year was even better, but I’ll let him tell that story…

  2. Megan said,

    When I was in 5th grade or so, my mom put me in a neck brace, ace bandages, fake stitches and bruises etc… Everyone thought I’d been in a car wreck. Won the contest that year. 🙂 Other favorite was the year I went as Ms. Pacman.

  3. nattya61 said,

    I usually alternated each year between being a witch and a vampire. Being Paris Hilton for Kelly’s party a couple years ago was pretty fun, though. Bizarre, but fun.

  4. John said,

    At our annual costume party last year, I was a vending machine. I thought it was a good idea and looked online to see what others had done. I found all sorts of elaborate vending machine costumes made from cardboard that made the costume look like a real vending machine. However, those were far too much work, and I thought it would be nice to actually be able to sit down at the costume party. So, I printed out some numbers and letters to simulate the keypad and some letter-number combinations (like B7) to place under each item. I then taped these numbers and letters plus about 9 bags of chips to a black shirt. It was a big hit at the party. The best part was getting to eat my costume (well, just the chips) when we got home.

  5. Bridget said,

    When I was 5, I was a pirate. That was probably my favorite. I wore one of my mom’s silky button up 80’s shirts and a big belt, stretch pants, and a bandana on my head. My mom drew a black eye and some stitches on my cheek. Mostly, I was super psyched to have a cardboard sword in order to ‘fight’ with my cousins all night.

  6. Shannon said,

    When I was a teenager, I made a Tin Man costume out of posterboard and silver spray paint. It’s the first costume I ever made by hand, and I got a lot of compliments on it. I think this was the start of my current costume making mania.

  7. enochfreeman said,

    Willy Wonka. From the new film. I had a blast putting that costume together. I even had the purple nitrile gloves. I think I had well over a hundred dollars in the whole getup, which would be why I will not be dressing up this year.

  8. amber said,

    I think my favorite was Rosie the Riveter. I even got my grandpa’s old lunchbox and put “rosie” on it with white duct tape so that it looked like it was painted on.

  9. amber said,

    Dan went as “Wendy” from Wendy’s a couple of years ago. All he did was throw the wendy wig on, but he won the costume contest at the party because he bought frosty’s for everyone!

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