Song of the Day 10/27/2009

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On this day in 1995 – Gloria Estefan becomes the only pop artist to receive a call from the Pope to perform.

Lesser Gonzales AlvarezMostly a Friend

Question of the Day:

What are your top 3 favorite comedy albums of all time?

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  1. Shannon said,

    Contractual Obligation by Monty Python is the only comedy album I’ve ever listened to. So I guess it is my favorite? It’s pretty good. It has the Finland song and the Bookshop sketch.

  2. Megan said,

    Bill Cosby – just about anything. It was the only thing my brothers, parents and I could agree to listen to on 6 hour car rides to the grandparents. Also love the Blue Collar guys.

  3. amber said,

    Mitch Hedberg-“Mitch All Together”, George Carlin-“Jammin in New York”, Henry Rollins-“Think Tank”
    While i love all three of those comedians, they might not be my favorite comedy albums ever, they are just the only three i think i’ve heard all the way thru multiple times.
    I really, really like Nick Thune these days, but I haven’t heard his whole album.

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