Song of the Day 11/2/2009

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On this day in 1979 – The movie “Quadrophenia” opened. The movie features Sting.

Moondoggies – Changin’

Question of the Day:

Miracle Whip or Mayo?

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  1. Nicole said,

    Neither. Both of those options are so gross!!! If I even smell it I will gag.

  2. Kel/y_H said,

    Yeah. I am the same way. I must be missing the genome part that makes people love mayonnaise.

  3. nattya61 said,

    Mayo definitely! I made my own once and it was pretty good, but I usually just stick to Hellman’s. I liked Miracle Whip as a kid, but now it just tastes off. My tummy doesn’t like it.

  4. amber said,

    mayo (yes enoch, i know it has evil oils in it, but at least it doesn’t have HFCS too like miracle whip does!)

    • nattya61 said,

      Yum…oil. 😉 You can get mayo made with olive oil now, but I haven’t tried it. I did try the low fat mayo once…that was some nasty stuff. Mayo totally needs to be full fat.

  5. Kevin said,

    I don’t care as long as one of them is on my sandwich or in my fried eggs.

  6. amber said,

    ok, i’ve put mayo on an egg sandwich, but sounds kinda gross in fried eggs.

    • Kevin said,

      It’s actually very good, IF you like both.

  7. Shannon said,

    Mayo, although I very rarely use that. I like mayo on a sandwich, but I spread it very thin. I don’t even keep mayo in my fridge – I just get it on sandwiches when I eat out.

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