Song of the Day 11/5/2009

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On this day in 1977 – Ozzy Osbourne quit Black Sabbath only to rejoin a few weeks later. He later quit again to pursue a solo career.

Women – Black Rice

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite food to eat, with the worst side effects?

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  1. Kel/y_H said,

    I think every food affects me negatively in some way, but I enjoy them all anyway. If I’m really in the mood for shrimp or some other shellfish, I’ll take some Benadryl in advance because I am allergic to it.

  2. nattya61 said,

    Wilted lettuce with fried potatoes and onions. I haven’t had this since I was a kid because oh boy…definite side effects occur…but it sure is yummy!

  3. amber said,

    kelly, i read once that taking more than the recommended dose of vitamin c can help with acute allergies.
    spaghetti is my favorite, and the side effect is i always eat too much of it and make myself miserable!
    oh, and weirdly enough, south beach frozen dinners cause me migraines. can’t figure out why, but obviously i don’t buy them anymore.

  4. Nicole said,

    Apples. I can’t eat them anymore. I have recently discovered my love for pears, though. So I eat them instead. 🙂

    • amber said,

      dare i ask why u can’t eat apples anymore?

  5. Shannon said,

    I used to really love sodas, but now they give me the most evil acid reflux. It’s actually at the point where they taste different to me now and I don’t like them (which is convenient, actually). I still remember how they used to taste, and I occasionally miss the joy of drinking a Mountain Dew while eating SweetTarts.

    Coincidentally, it’s probably much better for my teeth that I’m no longer indulging in this.

    • amber said,

      Wow, i’m having a sugar high and a tummy ache just THINKING about mountain dew AND sweettarts together.

      That makes me want some chewy sweettarts though. i used to get those all the time… i frequently requested them for a bribe.

      Once a drunk friend asked me to take him to the “cigaherette schtore” (his slurred and drunken name for “gas station”) and i agreed in exchange for a package of chewy sweet tarts. Thing is, i never liked the yellow and purple ones. they really should make individual packages so u can get just the pink and green, cause they’re the best!

      • Shannon said,

        Mountain Dew and Sweettarts together are a delightful and very guilty pleasure. But not so healthy. That snack has literally made my pulse race before.

        And also you are crazy, for the yellow chewy Sweettarts are the best and everyone knows it.

      • amber said,

        ok shannon, let’s make a deal. next package of chewy sweettarts i buy, i’ll mail u the yellow…. but u have to take my purple and give me greens and pinks in exchange.
        u probably like the banana runts too don’t u!

  6. Marlo Miller said,

    Great all this sweet tart talk makes me want some chewy sweet tarts. They are so chewy, sticky, sweet and make your jaws ache from their tartiness!

    I can’t drink pop really anymore it just kills my stomach. No more ice cream, milk or soups that are too creamy. I guess you could say I have become lactose intolerant. Very small doses don’t seem to bother me too bad, just no over doing it for sure. Lately when I have been craving sweets I just chomp on a good crisp juicy apple, with a side of honey and oats granola. My tummy then says thank you. Getting old kinda sucks!

    • Nicole said,

      I forgot that I can’t drink any soda except Sprite now either. It’s been so long since I’ve had a Dr. Pepper!

    • Shannon said,

      For real, Marlo. This has really become the “in what way does your body remind you that you are aging?” question of the day.

    • Kel/y_H said,

      Oh yeah, and I can’t have anything with Aspartame or Sucralose because it gives me migraines. People weren’t meant to drink diet soda anyway.

      • amber said,

        ppl weren’t meant to drink SODA period!

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