Song of the Day 10/09/2009

November 9, 2009 at 7:30 am (qotd) (, , , , )

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On this day in 1967 – The first issue of Rolling Stone was published in San Francisco. John Lennon was on the cover.




Japanese Motors – Single Fins

Question of the Day:

What is the last terrible movie that you watched/fast forwarded through?

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  1. nattya61 said,

    The last movie we Netflixed was Land of the Lost. It wasn’t nearly as funny as I hoped it would be. I guess the last really horrible movie I sorta watched was Mamma Mia…so bad. Pierce Brosnan should NEVER sing…ever! It was so bad. I fast-forwarded through most of it.

  2. Kevin said,

    Benjamin Button was so boring, my wife and I stopped the movie about half way through. We just couldn’t take it anymore.

    • nattya61 said,

      Thank you! I’ve been waiting to hear that. I almost fell asleep during the trailer for that movie.

  3. Enoch said,

    Deathproof. Amber carried on about it so much, I figured I’d give it a spin. Virtually plotless, essentially pointless, and as gratuitous as you would expect from Tarantino. I lodged my complaint with Amber, who informed me that it was a tribute to the grindhouse style of filmmaking. That made it even worse to me.

    • Kevin said,

      I don’t watch Tarantino movies after the one with Sam Jackson and John Travolta. I can’t stand him or what movies of his I’ve seen. I just don’t get his vision, at all.

      • amber said,

        wow i can’t believe you two! IMO tarantino is up there with the coen bros and kubrick. no accounting for taste i guess! 😉

    • Danno said,

      “Virtually plotless, essentially pointless, and as gratuitous as you would expect from Tarantino.”

      Exactly why I loved it. One full hour long car chase… The General Lee versus the Vanishing Point Challenger. AWESOME! The only thing that would have made it better was if the A-Team had showed up.

  4. adamthepugh said,

    We watched – or fast forwarded through Transformer’s – Revenge of the Fallen. That movie was a stinker! It was terrible in so many ways I just didn’t even care that I was watching it anymore.

  5. Shannon said,

    Last night, I went to see Disney’s Christmas Carol, with the CGI animation that Robert Zemeckis apparently wants in every last one of his films now. Some highlights of this film include dead, soulless eyes and people acting ridiculous. Of course if you’ve seen Polar Express and Beowulf, you know to expect this. Also, this film was very dark. I don’t mean it was gloomy, I mean if you suffer from night blindness you may be unable to see most of it. Apparently they thought it would be a good idea if the film was lit just like Victorian England – that is if you assume that almost all Victorians crowded around single pitiful candles instead of having gaslit homes or using oil lamps, or even just lighting TWO candles for a change.

    On the up side, it was much shorter than Beowulf and Polar Express, and the presentation of the Ghost of Christmas Future was actually pretty imaginative. But I don’t think that makes up for this particular trip into the uncanny valley.

  6. amber said,

    stupid uncanny valley!
    i haven’t seen many movies lately, and most of the ones i have seen have been good. sometime last summer, or maybe spring, i watched the vintage “I Love You, Alice B. Toklas” with peter sellers in it.
    it was actually hilarious in it’s own way, but completely ridiculous and cheesy at the same time, especially the VERY LONG driving scene. i have to admit tho, i actually rewound part of the drivers scene because i was on the phone and thought i had missed something. i didn’t, and that’s what made it so comical!
    i was busy working on a project while i watched it, and if you ever watch i recommend that plan-giving it about 30% of your attention. it’s worth that at least.

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