Song of the Day 11/10/2009

November 9, 2009 at 11:23 pm (Free, free song, mp3, qotd) (, , , , , )


On this day in 1967 – The Moody Blues released “Nights in White Satin.”

SOTD: The Spinto Band – Summer Grof




Question of the Day:

What is something about creation that blows your mind?

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  1. Samkon said,

    The weather….

    Not that I’m complaining, but it amazes me how last month was crazy cool and rainy and this month I can wear short sleeves and flip flops.

    Beaches are pretty cool too. Big fan of beaches.

  2. ab said,

    Law of Conservation of Energy: Matter cannot be created nor destroyed.

    Now THAT blows my mind.

  3. Bridget said,

    I am always AMAZED that a flower can be made from a tiny seed. It is marvelous and wonderful.

  4. Danno said,

    The results of the fermentation of Barley, wheat starches and corn.

  5. Enoch said,

    “The same big hands that made me made the biggest skies I’ve seen.” It’s a line from a song by The Waiting, and I love it!

    • Nicole said,

      That just brought tears to my eyes. So sweet!

  6. Shannon said,

    I listen to this show called Radiolab, and the things I learn on that show blow my mind on a regular basis. Did you know that you have a physical reaction to a shocking site before you actually “see” it (meaning before your brain has time to interpret what you’ve seen and send it to you as a translated image)? Did you know that people have autoimmune diseases because they don’t have hookworms – that in third world countries where people do have hookworms, they seldom have allergies or asthma?

    Fascinating stuff.

    Also, I like birds. They don’t blow my mind, but they are very relaxing to watch and I derive satisfaction from identifying them. Nature in general is pretty fantastic.

  7. Nicole said,

    Seeing Kael as a tiny bean at 6 weeks, 4 days old and seeing the little boy he is now blows my mind. It’s amazing and I don’t think I’ll ever get over this huge blessing that was once a tiny little bean inside me.

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