Song of the Day 12/29/2009

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On this day in 1982 – Jamaica issued a Bob Marley commemorative stamp.

SOTD:  Title Fight – Loud and Clear




Question of the Day:

What is something you always wait until the last minute to do?

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  1. Zarah said,

    Put gas in my car.

  2. Emily said,

    Er, everything? :s

  3. Megan said,

    Tough to get motivated to work when you’re locked out of your projects… especially on the week between holidays! I try to not leave much to the last minute… PWA is my main work thing to leave until the last minute… Guess what I’ll be doing at noon on Thursday?

  4. Kel/y_H said,

    Zarah beat me to it… gassin up. It’s my least favorite chore.

  5. nattya61 said,

    I’m like Megan when it comes to my work procrastination…PWA is definitely something I tend to put off. As far as stuff at home, I put off packing. I’m so bad about not packing early and then it’s a rush once I get to it.

    • ab said,

      Totally agree-packing S*U*C*K*S. 43 cubic inches of space is barely enough room for my hair products. I can’t imagine trying to remember everything for a kid!

  6. Nicole said,

    I hate getting gas. I think it stems from the last month I was pregnant when I had to always make sure I had a full tank because we had a drive to get to the hospital…Now I go until there is about 20 miles left in the tank.

  7. Marlo Miller said,

    Work…PWA definitely. Home…Laundry!

  8. bigguy said,

    I always wait to procrastinate!!!! 🙂

    • Enoch said,

      Yeah. I’m too busy to procrastinate today. I’ll do it tomorrow.

  9. Enoch said,

    I don’t procrastinate on anything. Except dishes. Oh, and my degree projects. PWA. Exercise. Oh yeah, and anything having to do with selling stuff on ebay; I hate that. And cleaning my desk.

  10. amber said,

    Leaving to get anywhere. Apparently I think i can bend space and time with my car somehow. So far, i really can’t!

    • Samkon said,

      Is that because you’re not getting 1.21 Gigawatts to the flux capacitor?

  11. Shannon said,

    At work, I procrastinate on starting a peer review. I don’t know why. They are never difficult or awful.

    At home, I put off bed time. I always tell myself I’ll go to bed on time. I never do. The world is too full of books to read, facebook updates, tv shows and video games.

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