Song of the Day 01/13/2010

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On this day in 1938 – Singer Allan Jones recorded “The Donkey Serenade”.

SOTD: Thom Yorke – The Eraser (Remix)




Question of the Day:

What is the worst pet name you have heard someone use for a loved one?

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  1. Steve said,

    I don’t know if this is the worst but I found it kind of annoying: honeybear.

    • ab said,

      An old roommate used to always say “Goodnight Honeybear!” and then proceed to make kissing noises into the receiver of the telephone every single night she talked to her boyfriend. Gag. me. with. a. spoon.

      • amber said,


  2. Kel/y_H said,

    Good song of the day šŸ™‚

    I have heard (and been addressed as) some that wouldn’t be appropriate for this forum. But a couple of the strangest – in France cauliflower and cabbage are mainstream pet names. A couple of friends of mine call each other Boo, and they’re two of the whitest people I know.

    • amber said,

      cabbage. i like it!
      dan has called me “bubba” before as a pet name. but my brother in law calls my sister “george” (or something like that), kinda odd, but anything is preferable to baby cakes.

  3. Marlo Miller said,

    The most annoying would be shmoopy. I heard it on a Seinfeld epsiode and I am scarred mentally by it. I think it was the baby voice they used when they said it that really sent me over the edge.

    • amber said,

      maybe the dingo ate your baby!

  4. Shannon said,

    The ones that I dislike the most are not suitable for this forum. Let’s just leave it at this: body parts and bodily functions make TERRIBLE pet names.

  5. Matt said,

    Mexi Nuggers . . . don’t ask.

  6. amber said,

    wow adam, that comic of the day hurt my brain in only the way that MTV-made-for-tweens movies, bad pop music, and sports announcers normally can.

    most annoying pet name: “baby cakes”

    I have a newlywed friend who constantly refers to his new wife as baby cakes, and almost as often, himself in third person as captain awesome in his facebook status updates. i actually hid him from my stream for awhile because it became so annoying.

    sappy stuff like “baby cakes is the most amazing woman in the world” or “captain awesome’s life is complete now that he’s married to baby cakes.” ugh!

    mind u, this is a previously intelligent, hilarious, and charming individual.

    • adamthepugh said,

      Driving into a mustache sunset – must be seen at least once.

      • amber said,

        if u say so.

  7. Bridget said,


    Seinfeld still wins the ‘bad nickname’ prize in my opinion.

    I call Andy Hub. He calls me….nothing. “Hey you”, I guess. Ha!

    My friend Jodi calls her husband something ridiculous, but I have burned it from my brain and can’t remember it right now.

  8. Samkon said,

    Pookie… It reminds me of the bear on Garfield and Friends.

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