Song of the Day 01/27/2010

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On this day in 1756 – Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.

SOTD: Drive By Truckers Drag the Lake Charlie




Question of the Day:

How have you been affected by Haiti?

Watch a video here of Mars Hill Church and their experience in Haiti from last week.



  1. Shannon said,

    I can’t claim to be affected personally by this tragedy. However, I’m fascinated by this Red Cross donation system, where you can text to a specific number on your cell phone and a one time donation for $10 will be taken, and will show up on your cell phone bill. I’ve seen this type of donation system before, but never for something this large scale. I hope it’s effective. It seems like a much easier way to collect donations, because people don’t even have to walk to the computer and go to a web site.

  2. Megan said,

    I’m amazed at how much people care about their fellow human being. I don’t know why I’m repeatedly amazed… maybe because you only see the worst in the news and we’re seeing the best in mass quantities right now.

    If you haven’t seen this article… it gives me hope.

  3. ab said,

    My aunt just text’d me to say she wants to spend some time working in Haiti or in some other high-need area. She wants to leave next month, and asked me if I’d go.

    I know we have some philanthropists in the house…where should we go?

    I don’t know shit about the good book, so if I go to Haiti as a missionary I will be much better at hammering nails or digging wells than anything else.

    • Enoch said,

      Go to Haiti. They need digging and hammering right now more than ever. Seriously, go. It will change your life.

    • nattya61 said,

      I think Habitat for Humanity works in Haiti too. You could always contact them.

    • Samkon said,

      My fiancee went last week. She works in international adoptions, so she had to go to the embassy to provide paperwork to expedite the visas and get kids home. Having gone back in July of last year, she said that the media are making the situation out to be worse than it actually is in terms of danger and damage.

      She also said that the best thing to do, still, is donate money. There is such a bottleneck or lack of supplies, infrastructure, and facilities that the only way to help in the country is to partner with an existing organization like Convoy, Missions of Mercy, Red Cross, or anyone with a presence in Haiti before the quake. Else, you may be stuck without anywhere to go and anything to do. For example, the person that was suppose to pick them up at the airport didn’t make it, so they were stranded without a ride until somebody from CNN could take them to the Embassy to meet one of the orphanage directors.

      • ab said,

        Good idea. I entertained the thought for about an hour until I found out what a plane ticket costs. Sending money sounds like the easiest thing to do…just take the $$ that would have gone to air fare and hand it over…

        …of course, that would mean no cool stories or pictures and or warm fuzzy feelings, and quite frankly I think that’s a driving reason anyone helps anyone else…altruism is as mythical as love and peace.

  4. amber said,

    i’ve never heard this DBT song adam, i don’t know how that is possible.
    i am a bit ashamed to admit it, but i’ve kept my head buried in the sand about Haiti. I got so upset over Katrina that it influenced me to take the job at Ozarks Food Harvest. I just really don’t WANT to see how horrible it is. I did donate (via the text thing) the other day, and will probably donate more if i can.

  5. Enoch said,

    I’ve taken two trips to Haiti. Our church supports a missionary school in Port de Paix. After the second trip, I decided I want to work there full time once I get out of debt. We were sending 20 people this year, but I believe that trip has been canceled.

    Everyone at the school is fine (physically), but they have ties all over the country, so of course it’s a hard time. Also, several friends have loved ones who were in the country when the quake hit, so it’s been somewhat overwhelming watching all of that unfold.

    I guess how it’s affected me is the sheer weight of it all. I try to pray, but can’t ever finish. There’s just so much need. I guess it’s sinking in that the Haiti I knew is gone. I just hope all of this doesn’t end with us getting over it and leaving the poorest country in the West living in squalor once again.

    • amber said,

      considering what a great job we do caring for our own poor, i don’t have very high hopes.
      New Orleans hasn’t been rebuilt yet-and much of what has been was built with poisoned drywall from China.
      Viva that duality we were talking about right?

  6. nattya61 said,

    This is kind of a hard one for me to answer because Haiti is honestly a country I hadn’t given much thought to before this. I don’t know anyone who is from there or who has family there and such. Thus, I would say the way this has affected me the most is that it has prompted me to learn about the country and to be in effect more culturally aware.

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