Song of the Day 02/02/2010

February 2, 2010 at 7:30 am (america, Free, free song, mp3, music, qotd, song, song of the day, sotd) (, )

On this day in 1959 – The Coasters song, “Charlie Brown,” was released.

SOTD: Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane over the Sea




Question of the Day:

What is your favorite “dive” bar/restaurant/establishment?



  1. Kel/y_H said,

    In college I was always a frequenter of Culley’s. I sure miss the place. Here in the city I enjoy JJ’s Other Place, which is crazy tiny, and Mama’s 39th St Diner.

  2. Emily said,

    That would definitely be The Riksha downtown. It’s super cheap and I think it’s really good, but it is the epitome of hole in the wall, right down to the peeling grasscloth wallpaper.

  3. Steve said,

    I don’t really go to bars as much as I used to and I never really frequented any dive bars, although I will argue with Springfieldians’ definition of what constitutes a dive bar. I’ve been in some pretty rough places that make Springfield dive bars look like Patton Alley Pub.

    I have wanted to have a drink at Da Cubby Hole during previous springs and summers, but not for the reasons with which one who knows this joint might immediately concern themselves.

  4. nattya61 said,

    Waffle House has always been one of my favorites. In Rolla, it’d have to be Alex’s. Order the cheeseballs. So good!

  5. ab said,

    Ray’s Lounge on E. St. Louis.

  6. shaeon said,

    It was Cave 9, an all ages music venue in Birmingham that existed ONLY as a place for bands to play. There was no bar there. They didn’t sell any kinds of drinks at all, not even sodas. There was only one bathroom, which was unisex. It was in a building that used to be a mechanic’s garage, and it was one block up from the projects. They booked some of the most interesting bands, and all my favorite locals. Unfortunately, they went out of business last year.

  7. Kevin said,

    I was like Norm from Cheers at Culley’s. It was a great place to go have a couple of brews and talk to a lot of my friends that would meet up there. I don’t go out that much anymore.

  8. Enoch said,

    What is a dive?

    • adamthepugh said,

      This is a pretty good summary. But I think it applies to eateries as well.

      • Enoch said,

        Oh, ok, then. I guess I’ve only been to a couple, but Nathan P Murphy’s is pretty cool. The fact that the bartender didn’t understand the term “craft beer” was compensated by the fact that they draw some pretty cool live music.

      • shaeon said,

        I know many people who define a dive as any place with floors so sticky that you have to struggle not to lose your shoes.

  9. Jen said,

    We always go “down the hill” Sholtz….but my favorite dive bar right now is Stephchild. Great Karaoke!

  10. amber said,

    i agree that even the diveiest place in springfield are still pretty nice. The Bar Next Door was and always will be my favorite bar. i really love Lindberg’s for the same semi-divy atmosphere. for that matter, The Highlife and The Outland are kind of divy, and definitely my other faves. i go wherever the bands i want to hear are playing usually tho.
    W.F. Codys is slightly divish, and has amazing food, as is E’s Inn in Republic.
    The Brew and Cue (that used to be called the Viking) in Republic USED to be charmingly divy, but they’ve attempted to make it nicer lately and completely ruined it imo.
    regardless of its dive rating, i prefer anything independently and locally owned. i HATE corporate chain restaurants and bars.

  11. Shannon said,

    That Shaeon person is me, by the way. Sorry, I set up a WordPress account while experimenting with its blog functions, and forgot to log out before posting here.

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