Song of the Day 02/24/2010

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On this day in 1988 – Alice Cooper announced he would run for Governor of Arizona as a member of the “Wild Party”.

SOTD: Dum Dum Girls – Jai La La




Question of the Day:

How old is your cell phone?



  1. steverucker said,

    Maybe a year old. Nice picture of Alice Cooper, by the way.

    • spochran said,

      Ditto on the Alice picture. I love Alice. He has a song called Elected which includes the line “I promise the formation of a new party, a third party, a wild party!” I had to look it up to see if he released it along with his bid for governor of Arizona. He did not – the song was on the 1973 album Billion Dollar Babies.

      Silly song lyric, or early evidence that he’d always planned on taking over the world?

  2. spochran said,

    Less than a year – maybe 10 months. I got mine when I started texting on a regular basis, and decided I needed a phone that had a full keyboard.

    Of course, now everyone has smartphones with full internet access, and I have a little bit of smartphone envy. The main thing that has kept me from upgrading is the fear that I’d spend my entire day on facebook instead of getting anything done.

  3. nattya61 said,

    Over two years old. I tend to keep a phone until it breaks. All I want my phone to do is make calls, receive calls, and have voicemail. I’m a very simple girl when it comes to my phone. I don’t like all the frills. So, I keep my phones as long as possible so I don’t have to bother with not being able to find just a simple phone that is just a friggin phone. Yes, the guys at the ATT store laugh at me.

  4. Nicole said,

    Mine is actually just about two weeks old. It has T9 for texting and that was a must have! The downside is I can’t take videos of Kael anymore. I got the “free phone” available from Verizon. They have a very crappy free phone selection. Every other phone it seems like you have to have a data plan, and I refuse to get a phone and pay 50$ for the bill PLUS 30$ for a data plan.

  5. sabreryan said,

    A year and a half. iPhone 3G. It’s had a pretty dramatic impact on the way I live, in a good way, of course.

    My AT&T buy-a-new-phone discount thing hits right around the time the iPhone 4G is rumored to be released. POW!

    • enochfreeman said,

      And then you can sell your old phone on ebay. There’s a broken one out there right now (3g 8gb black) that is bid up to 255 bucks!

  6. pencil2paper said,

    Oh gosh. Pretty sure my phone is at least four or five years old. But I still like it. It’s pink. 🙂 And like Natalie, I only need it to make and receive calls.

  7. agrimeyhippie said,

    I lost the third Motorola Razr i had owned at a festival in July. Dan’s line was up for an upgrade at the time, so I got a Motorola “Karma” (no, the name did not influence my decision.)
    I chose this phone cause I’m really hard on stuff, and frequently drop things, etc, and I trust the hockey puck rating of Motorola because my Razr(s) were so tough. Also, the phone has a slide out keyboard, it’s really small, and I can get on facebook with it, but my data plan is only $10.
    Suck thing is now Dan’s Razr is on it’s last leg, and my upgrade isn’t until July! Oops. BTW, I leave my phone in the tent now at festivals! Lesson learned!

  8. enochfreeman said,

    Little over 1.5 years. iPhone. I’m in the same boat with Sabre. I’m looking forward to another carrier offering an iPhone. Or maybe Google will start providing cell service. Oh, one can dream…

  9. Kel/y_H said,

    I got my BlackBerry about a year ago, replacing a phone I’d had for 4 years. I honestly wasn’t looking for something fancy, but a cousin of mine is a Sprint sales manager and offered me a deal I couldn’t pass up. That said, it’s pretty nice having a phone that can do everything I didn’t know a phone could do.

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