Song of the Day 02/26/2010

February 26, 2010 at 9:04 am (Free, free song, mp3, music, qotd, song, song of the day, sotd) (, )

On this day in 1954 – A U.S. Congresswoman introduced a bill to prohibit the distribution of “obscene, lewd, lascivious or filthy” recordings.

SOTD: Sunny Day Real Estate – Seven




Question of the Day:

If you could have ANY invention that exists in a movie, what would you choose?



  1. bigguyfroma said,

    Mr. Fusion from back to the fusion. 1 point 21 gigawatts of electricity would be handy.

  2. Steve said,

    The same thing I’ve wanted all my life: a lightsaber.

    • sabreryan said,

      I’m kinda pale these days, so I could be considered a light Sabre, but you can’t have me.

      • enochfreeman said,

        How many times have you used this joke?

      • sabreryan said,

        Not too many. It’s a really stupid joke.

  3. Kel/y_H said,

    The DeLorean.

    • enochfreeman said,

      So you know that the DeLorean wasn’t a made up invention for the movie, right? You can actually go out and buy one if you are so inclined. Though it probably won’t travel through time and get you into slapstick hijinks with a wacky scientist.

  4. spochran said,

    This is technically from a TV show, but I’d want the sonic screwdriver. It appears to do absolutely everything.
    A TARDIS would be nice as well, but they do seem to be kind of unpredictable.

  5. enochfreeman said,

    I think I would like a Stargate. I don’t think I would last long on another planet, but that would be fine, too. GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!

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