Song of the Day 03/08/2010

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On this day in 1964 – The Dave Clark 5 made their first appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show”.

SOTD: Stars – Your Ex-Lover is Dead Remix




Question of the Day:

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?



  1. Nicole said,

    30 Days of Night. Tim and I watched this on our one-year (wedding) anniversary at home. He had to go to bed early that night and wasn’t too happy about it. 🙂

  2. Kel/y_H said,

    The Signal scared me pretty good, and it was a well done movie. It’s an instant watch on netflix.

  3. spochran said,

    In terms of most scared I’ve been as a result of a movie, Poltergeist. It’s totally not scary if I watch it now, but when I was a kid this film terrified me. I couldn’t sleep well for days after seeing it.

  4. enochfreeman said,

    I can honestly say that movies never scare me. The ones that try really hard just come off as corny.

    That said, the new Chainsaw Massacre had an effect on my ex wife such that we had to move our king-size mattress to the living room at 1 a.m. because she 1) wanted to have the TV on and 2) didn’t want to be alone (and I wanted to sleep).

    And Paranormal Activity (excellently done, btw) had a friend of mine asking over and over, “So this is made up, right?”

  5. megan625 said,

    Katie and I watched Paranormal Activity Saturday night. 35 minutes in, the phone rang and scared the bejesus out of Katie who made me turn it off. We finished it mid-day yesterday. I had to keep telling her “It’s JUST a MOVIE. NOT REAL!” and even showed that to her at the end. Good times. And this is the kid that LOVES Steven King’s IT. I guess it was too “real”. Won’t EVER let her watch Blair Witch.

    • spochran said,

      I sympathize with Katie!!! When I was a teenager there was a short-lived horror TV show hosted by Freddy Krueger, and I was at a sleepover with a bunch of friends, watching that show in the dark. At one very suspenseful moment, a character in the show said “in one minute, the phone will ring” and the phone in my friend’s house rang immediately after she said it.
      We all screamed, and I believe several people went running out of the room.

  6. calichristi said,

    believe it or not… the Excorcist III. I had never seen all of I or II, but III had me sleeping with the lights on for weeks. (in high school)

  7. nattya61 said,

    Like Enoch, no movies really scare me. Snakes on a Plane is probably the creepiest movie I’ve ever seen, though. I really hate snakes.

    • spochran said,

      Just goes to show that different things are creepy to different people. I thought Snakes on a Plane was fun but silly. I used to be in charge of feeding snakes at a pet store, so instead of being creeped out, I caught myself identifying each of the different species. None of the non-CGI ones were venomous, of course (although I’ve met lots of people with snake phobias, and I know that this is not necessarily a comfort).

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