Song of the Day 03/10/2010

March 10, 2010 at 7:30 am (Free, free song, mp3, music, qotd, song, song of the day, sotd) (, , , )

On this day in 1988 – Andy Gibb died from myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) following a long battle with cocaine addiction, which had weakened his heart.

SOTD: Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Remix)




Question of the Day:

What goes best with milk?



  1. Nicole said,

    Kael! But, besides him, chocolate chip cookies. Either the Chips Ahoy (the original kind, in the blue package) or homemade.

  2. Steve said,


  3. megan625 said,

    Double chocolate cake… cookies if there’s no cake. Great question for the diet, Adam! Now I’m hungry. :)~

  4. pencil2paper said,

    Chocolate, of course. Is this a trick question?

  5. bigguyfroma said,

    You must now forfeit your citizenship and leave the country. Anyone who has to ask what He should eat with a glass of milk must not be American. Just in case you should try and reinstate your citizenship here is the list: 1) Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2) Brownies, 3) Chocolate Cake, 4) Homemade Monster Cookies, 5) Twix Candy Bar. If at any point one of these five is not available you could temporarily substitute hot oatmeal cookies. They must however be Hot to qualify as a substitution. Thank you kindly, Glad I could be of service.

  6. Kel/y_H said,

    Vodka and Kahlua.

  7. agrimeyhippie said,

    good answer kelly!
    i also like making italian sodas with milk-club soda, raspberry syrup, and a bit o milk!
    i like milk with a lot of meals, particularly spicey meals like chili.
    I hate eating popcorn without milk, and i refuse to eat any kind of cake without milk.

  8. spochran said,

    Warm chocolate chip cookies, warm brownies, or Oreos (at room temperature, generally). In fact, I don’t much care for Oreos without milk.

    I love Muse. This song was my introduction to them, through Guitar Hero 3. It’s weird hearing it as a remix.

  9. marlosbookshelf said,

    I would have said Andy Gibb. I used to have a crush on him when I was around 7 or 8. Otherwise, definitely triple chunk brownies!

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