Song of the Day 03/17/2010

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On this day in 1956 – Carl Perkins appeared on “Ozark Jubilee.” It was his first television appearance.

SOTD: Nada Surf – Always Love




Question of the Day:

What is the most annoying habit of new parents?



  1. Steve said,

    Looking to avoid certain mistakes of others? he he. How about this one: talking about every little thing the child does as if it is the most amazing, ambitious, talented thing a baby can do.

    • adamthepugh said,

      Always looking for good tips. Plus – new parents are funny.

    • Nicole said,

      I think that’s just a given that every new parent (grandparent, aunt, uncle) brags about their baby. I love hearing the achievements of the other babies in the doc department (Jonah, Emma, and Nick). And will soon love to hear everything about baby Pugh!

      • nattya61 said,

        Agreed. I never thought I hear about my dad going around all of Salem bragging about Nicholas, but he totally does. As far as I know he never bragged about me, but boy, Nick pooped in the potty and the whole town probably knew about it in less than an hour.

    • pencil2paper said,

      It is the most amazing, ambitious, talented thing! 🙂

  2. Nicole said,

    I don’t think this is an annoying habit, but it’s a funny one. I talk non-stop to Kael when we are at home or out in public. And, now that he’s talking back to me it’s not that bad, but when he was 6 months old and we were out at the grocery store or the mall and I’d be carrying on a conversation with “Oh, do you like this on mommy?” or “What do you want for dinner?” I’d get some funny looks from other adults that overheard me.

    I didn’t realize until we had Kael at home for a few days that I was supposed to talk to him all the time. I woke up one morning and walked in the living room and Tim was carrying on about what Kael could be when he grows up. Tim said the only way he’d learn to talk was by talking to him…I never really thought of that but it makes perfect sense. So, I’ve been making up for it ever since. 🙂

  3. nattya61 said,

    I think a lot of the annoying habits of first time parents are just natural and no matter how much you try or how much you thought these things were annoying before you had kids, you’ll still do them anyway…at least somewhat.

    That said, I find overparenting annoying. However, I still haven’t let Nicholas actually touch a cart at the grocery store, Target, wherever. Yes, I know other baby germs won’t kill him, but eww.

    I love our cart cover.

  4. springpatchjewelry said,

    I think talking about baby’s bodily functions at the dinner table is among the more annoying. I don’t need to know about little Johnny’s pooing skills while eating my mashed potatoes. 🙂

    • Nicole said,

      I have to admit, I do this. But, I only do this with Tim. With others it’s just gross.

  5. enochfreeman said,

    Oversanitizing. Or maybe that’s just amusing.

    Much more annoying is talking in high-pitched baby speak. Drives me nuts. It’s amazing more children don’t grow up with speech impediments.

  6. spochran said,

    This isn’t so much a thing that new parents do with a newborn, but that new parents do with a toddler: fussing about EVERYTHING the kid does, in that way in which the kid’s name is said repeatedly. Primarily witnessed in shops. For example: “Dustin, put that down! Dustin, come over here now! Dustin, don’t put that in your mouth! Dustin, do not touch that!”

    If the store is just too distracting for you kid, then put your child in the shopping cart, or in the carriage, or whatever you have. If the kid’s going to scream, let it happen. Kids scream. It’s much less annoying than hearing a parent fuss non-stop.

    The other thing I find annoying is actually something my mother does whenever there’s a newborn in the family. While playing with the baby she will ask me “isn’t he just TOO cute?”

    I usually respond “yeah mom, he’s way too cute. He really needs to stop.”

  7. calichristi said,

    dropping everything and running to pick up the new baby every time it cries… this is annoying to me, for instance, when I am trying to speak to a new parent friend on the phone and they hear the baby simply to begin to cry and say “oh, the baby is cyring I have to go!” and then hang up on me mid-sentence. That is the selfish side of the annoyance on my part, but really, the reason why it is annoying is because those parents are setting themselves up for a baby that MUST be picked up every time it cries and, wow, what a miserable existence that is for new parents! I have seen it over and over with friends with new babies. They are just overwhelmed with this child that cannot calm itself down and seeing that is not only annoying, but also sad. 😦

    Oh, also parents that have to have absolute silence when a new baby is sleeping is annoying to me, and not for selfish reasons. I can be quiet, but the baby will actually sleep better if it can learn to sleep with noise around it. If you want to have a baby that will sleep through lessons being taught in the house, noise during naps is the way to go! Now, later on, when you have a 3 year old that hasn’t had a nap in 2 days and you are tyring to keep it somewhat quiet because you know if they hear their cousins walk in the door they will wake up and want to play and be kranky for the next 2 days… that I can totally understand. (as I am sure you guys understand, as well, with all our kiddos during the holidays!)

    • pencil2paper said,

      I have to disagree with the first part of this. If the baby is a newborn or a few months old, which I gather it would be, based on this question, I think it’s extremely important to go to him or her when they cry. That is the time that trust is being built. The baby isn’t going to know that mommy or daddy will be there in a few minutes. All they know is that something is wrong and they have a need that isn’t being met. I’d much rather meet that need immediately and build the trust than upset the person on the end of the phone. If the baby is a little older and that trust has been built, then that is a different story. And just for credibility’s sake, here’s an article to back me up.

      • Nicole said,

        Completely agree, Em. You can’t spoil a newborn. Give them all the lovin’ they need and want.

      • nattya61 said,

        Yep! A newborn really does want to be fed, burped, changed, or rocked all the time and will cry to let you know what they want. It’s not sad. It’s called being the parent of a newborn.

  8. Kel/y_H said,

    Having only really experienced this around my brother and sister-in-law, it’s the helicopter behavior. “Oh my God, the baby is not 2 feet from me anymore! It must be lost forever! Everyone drop what they are doing so we can find the missing child!” Except that he just crawled four feet from the parent in question.

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