Song of the Day 03/18/2010

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On this day in 1902 – Enrico Caruso recorded 10 arias for the Gramophone Company. He was the first well-known performer to make a record.

SOTD: Jimi Hendrix – Valleys of Neptune




Question of the Day:

What was the most useless class you have taken?



  1. spochran said,

    Economics. I was terrible at it, I barely understood a thing, and pretty much all the information fell out of my head the moment that class was over.

  2. Kel/y_H said,

    Oh Jesus – Introduction to Sales. It was required for my marketing minor. I had no interest in sales, learning about sales, the history of sales, or anything remotely having to do with sales. I could have easily gotten an A in the class but I disliked it so much I rarely went, didn’t put much effort into assignments, and did just enough work to get a C.

  3. agrimeyhippie said,

    When I was an education major I had to take “Technology in the Classroom” – basically a very dumbed down computer class.
    I had already tested out of any required computer classes at otc and msu, but when i transferred to drury, they required this class for all edu majors, regardless of skill.
    it was the biggest waste of time i’ve ever spent. the teacher basically divided the class into “knows stuff” and “knows nothing” groups, and had those of us who knew how to, say, turn on a computer, help those who seemed to lose all basic motor function and common sense when in the vicinity of such intimidating electronics.

  4. pencil2paper said,

    Hmm, I can’t remember. I’ve blocked out all the bad ones. 🙂

  5. calichristi said,

    A Library Studies class in grad school. It was supposed to help me know how to research in the library for my Thesis. I had been using libraries since Kindergarten and I already knew how to write a research paper. So stupid. And it met 3 times a week! What a freakin waste of time — and I did not like that particular professor at all, either. It was just loads of fun all around.

  6. nattya61 said,

    Oh man…reaching back into my brain. I remember really hating Environmental Philosophy. I’m all for saving the environment, but I just wanted to go and litter out of spite after this class. It was so amazingly boring. I remember my final paper had something to do with Feminist-Environmentalist Theory, but I totally don’t remember anything beyond that. I loved the professor for this class too, and enjoyed all her other classes. Weird.

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