Song of the Day 03/31/2010

March 31, 2010 at 5:30 am (Uncategorized) (, )

On this day in 1958 – Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” was released.

SOTD: Sigur Ros Vs. Mobb Deep – Shook




Question of the Day:

What do you have a phobia of?


  1. Steve said,

    snakes and needles

    • enochfreeman said,

      I always watch when they stick the needle in. One time, I was giving blood, and when they poked me, a little drop of blood sprang out and landed on my arm like a cartoon character. I thought it was pretty cool.

      • nattya61 said,

        And that “thump” we all just heard was Steve passing out on his desk.

      • Nicole said,

        That makes me so sick! I had to have Natalie hold my hand when I got a flu shot once. EEK!

  2. pencil2paper said,


    • Nicole said,

      I have a fear of walking over that freaky bridge at the zoo – you know the one over the alligator pit? UGH!

  3. springpatchjewelry said,

    I am terrified of praying mantises. TERRIFIED. For example, I just googled it to figure out if it was ‘preying’ or ‘praying’ and just seeing the google image hits at the top of the page gave me the shivers…

    And don’t point out how it’s silly to be afraid of a bug. I am perfectly aware! Ha. It doesn’t change that they scare me.

  4. Kel/y_H said,

    I saw a praying mantis in Manhattan, KS that was as big as my foot. Srsly!

    I am terrified of maggots. I scream my head off every time I see them.

    • springpatchjewelry said,

      Kelly, I would have probably run screaming from one that big… or peed my pants… or both…

  5. enochfreeman said,


  6. nattya61 said,

    Snakes. I hate them.

  7. spochran said,

    I am afraid of flying. I can force myself to do it, but I don’t like it. I’ve actually considered trying to get my doctor to prescribe something to relax me next time I have to fly (whenever that may be).

    I don’t have a phobia about bugs, but I have a serious dislike of cockroaches, scorpions, and stinging bugs (wasps, hornets, etc.). I draw the line between dislike and phobia because if I see one of these bugs outside, doing what they do, that’s fine. If they come into my house, however, they have to die.

    • springpatchjewelry said,

      If you go to the doctor, they will give you a xanax to take. It will make you feel like flying is just a walk in the park. My coworker takes a xanax every time she flies, and it has fixed the problem.

  8. Nicole said,

    Falling through a hole in the earth. Seriously. I know it’s lame.

    • spochran said,

      But on the bright side, no one’s ever going to say “ok, you have to fall through a hole in the earth. That’s the only way you can travel from here to somewhere else in a reasonable amount of time.”

  9. calichristi said,

    bugs crawling in my ears (thank you very much, Star Trek II) and cutting my fingers with a knife while cooking. (bye-bye violin career!)

    • ab said,

      My house burning down. It’s happened three times in my life, so I think it’s justified.

    • Nicole said,

      This happened in Broke Down Palace, one of my fave movies. Freaky!

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