Spiritual Implications of Paintball

April 27, 2010 at 1:30 pm (Uncategorized)

As men, we need to gather every so often to do manly things, and also to make sure that our relationship with Christ is in fact, centered on Him. Most churches have women's retreats with touchy feely seminars on how to get in touch with your feminine side.

Guys just need to get out some aggression, and then see the implications of what they have accomplished.

Here is a list of the 5 spiritual implications of Paintball:

1. It is all about the team (community)

  • Working together toward a common goal unites us in the body of Christ. We are encouraged and motivated by one another even when we fail.

2. We have to establish purpose

  • Our purpose and goal in life is to live for Christ and glorify Him. We show this by being a united team and praising Him whether we succeed or fail.

3. Make sure we have a strategy

  • How are we supposed to know how to grow if we do not read His manual for our lives? We huddle together to share His word and help implement good, sound strategy for our lives.

4. If we are not hitting our target, the team backs us up

  • We all stumble and do not hit our marks in our Christian walk. We sin, we fail, we have wrong thinking. The people that know us the best are the ones who can help us get back in line with Christ.

5. It requires trust

  • We trust in Christ for all truth and knowledge. Living and learning together requires us to trust other followers of Christ.

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