The Huntress of East Seminole

November 10, 2010 at 12:57 pm (Uncategorized)

The huntress springs forth from her lair (doggy crate) after a long night of resting. She doesn’t wake up slowly, pause to stretch or go to the bathroom after her long night of sleep. Instead she leaps forth from her bed like a snake bursting out of a prank can of nuts. Her long nails scatter on the floor trying to find traction and for a moment she’s caught running in place, but she rounds the corner quickly enough.


It’s later in the morning than usual and she can sense it.  Like all great huntresses, she knows the best hours for hunting are right as the sun begins to rise, and not a moment can be wasted. She bolts out the doggy door with low growling that quickly builds into loud, ferocious barking, and she doesn’t bother to use the stairs on the deck, but instead opts to leap off the side for expediency. With white fur flying and legs traveling as fast as her strong will allows, she tears off after her only known nemesis (except for the maybe the mail carrier), the Sciurus Carolinensis or, more commonly, the gray squirrel.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the backyard, a squirrel is frozen with fear. Just moments earlier, he’d been happily pilfering nuts away for the winter but now, grasping on to his gigantic nut with furry, tiny hands, he pauses briefly to analyze the situation. He knows he has to run and run fast, but he can’t decide if he should drop the nut, or stuff it in his mouth and run.


As the white beast closes in, the squirrel makes his final decision…and not a moment too soon. He drops his nut and leaps for the nearest tree. The sharp teeth of his predator are just inches away from his bushy mangy tail. Up the tree he scampers, running out to the nearest branch he leaps and soars landing on the privacy fence. From the safety of the fence he leaps to the tree in the next yard that is free of cute, little white dogs, er…deadly white westie. The squirrel is safe, for now.


Now the huntress seeing her territory is safe, at least for the time being, decides she can finally stretch, relieve herself (very near to where the frightened squirrel dropped his nut) and start her day. She comes inside the house wagging, pleased at her latest chase, and takes her spot at the door to await the return of her foe.[[posterous-content:pid___3]][[posterous-content:pid___0]]

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