Christmas time is No longer here

January 6, 2011 at 10:04 pm (Uncategorized)

As Emmeline approached her first Christmas we decided we wanted to host our first Christmas party. Suzannah did the planning, I did the heavy lifting (120 Chick-Fil-A nuggets weighs more than you think). We had over a nice-sized group of friends and most of them brought there kids along. It was really fun because the older children got to decorate and eat yummy Christmas cookies. This of course involved a lot of the dad's as well who were walking around with green frosting on their chins.

It is always nice when the house is decorated for Christmas. I go up into the attic and pull down box after box and Suzannah does the wonderful job of transforming our house into a Christmas wonderland. Isabel on the other hand is no help at all. She had her haircut for the holidays and then sulked for the next 24 hours. If someone shaved your bottom, you would too.

Since this is Emmeline's first Christmas we decided to tell her that Santa is not real. She responded well I thought.

OK, all joking aside – Christmas was good, but it is incomplete. Because we live close to the Dolanc side of the family, and not the Pugh's, we end up having a much longer holiday season. This is good and bad. It is fun to extend the celebration over a longer period of time, but the distance can mute some of the joy we normally feel this time of year. We are thrilled to head up to Seattle soon to celebrate another major holiday – mainly my (Adam) 30th birthday. Some days I care, other days, not so much. I have a cute baby who needs to worry about being a year older! I have stinky diapers to avoid changing – I am busy people!

Actually my main duties include bath time – which is always fun. And we alternate solid food feedings. Emmeline is good at following my lead – open wide!

Opening presents was really fun. Emmeline liked ripping things apart while wearing her new leopard outfit from her Grandma Cathy. The striped stocking cap is cute as well.

Well, stay tuned for some posts on Italian Cappalettis, New Years, and Fish Hatcheries. Yeah, we have you hooked now.

See you soon!

The Pugh's


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