A Letter to Emmeline

September 26, 2011 at 2:32 pm (Uncategorized)


You amaze me with the way you explore the world by playing with rocks, stacking diapers, and pulling clothes out of the hamper. It is a wonderful joy to see you being a good girl and loving on your momma, or even when you put your toys in the diaper pail. Your joy is infectious, your smile a fine blend of toothiness and gums, your laugh is full of life that sometimes makes you toot.


I am amazed at the animal sounds you know from the ‘hoo, hoo’ of an owl to a ‘reeowr’ of a cat. I love it when you roar for the alligator sound. When you take a bath you like to line up all of your ducks in a row (4 of them: 1 purple, 3 pink). You are extremely opinionated and ask for crackers with the force and fire of a retired war General.



Your dance moves make me want to discover music all over again. I love the way you move your shoulders and bounce around to the beat. You have more personality than me and your momma combined. You are more than we could ever ask for in a daughter.

I love you,


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