Happy New Year

January 20, 2009 at 1:58 pm (Uncategorized)

I know it is halfway through January. Give me a break.

I twitter more than anything else now, and as you can see, you can check my status anytime. From “I am having a good day” to “Man, this oatmeal stinks!” You will never miss a beat with this status tracker! Your life will be more fulfilling and peanut butter will taste better than ever!

I was driving to work this morning, as I am normally, and in the gutter I noticed a pile of boxes. Seeing this made my brow furrow and my face scrunch up like a smashed beer can. “Why do people do that?” I thought to myself as I passed the thoughtless trashing of cardboard. Slowly my face returned to its normal state and I drove on, listening, but not listening to the radio as it popped and crackled out music.

I hit a bunch of green lights as I came to Battlefield. As I merged on to Glenstone moments later, only to see another pile of boxes in the median!

It made me wonder if I could follow this strange trail of boxes to the culprits vehicle and maybe I could go teach them a thing or two about recycling or something really boring like that. Yes, that would be it. I would bore them to tears with my recycling habits, that will show them!

Of course, I did not follow the cardboard trail, nor did I give anyone a lecture. I, like everyone else, passed the boxes by, thinking that as I work and pay taxes that someone who gets paid with those taxes will pick the boxes up. So, it is like I did the work, just THROUGH someone else. That makes sense, right? That is how my lazy mind works sometimes.


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